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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Samurai Delicatessen

     A significant percentage of my life is spent at Walmart, buying food, picking up needed and unneeded items. Today I was picking up my lunch meat and cheese as I generally do on Tuesdays. I had asked for a half-pound of Muenster, and the deli lady had to open a new package up to slice for me.

     So I look back behind the counter, and she is using what could be described as a machete, or possibly a short sword to make an incision in the plastic so she can peel it off. I watch this for a few seconds and I ask "Is that the only knife you have to use back there?" she nods. this monstrous blade is about 2 inches wide, by at least 24 inches long. the deli lady was about 4'9" and built on the delicate side. So watching her with this knife was unsettling to say the least

     I hope she stays careful...

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