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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Loki Is the Root of All Evil

It's funny but I'm not a Loki fan.  Well, I wasn't.  But two things have changed my mind on Loki recently.

#1. I found on Zerochan:
Tags: Anime, Marvel, Loki (Marvel), The Avengers, Princeofredroses
(Also available here!)

#2. I found on Mlkshk.

BUT overall, this is the Tumblr image that made me change my mind on Loki:

I'll leave Primordial Badger to throw up an acceptable deep link. ;)


  1. This isn't the first Avengers related post is it? Is it? WOOT! FIRST!

  2. yep- it is the first Avengers related post- Kings to you
    here is my shallow deep link :

    Shallow Deep Link