Thursday, January 29, 2015


      A common plot device, a secret motivator, the MacGuffin is well known to film afficionados. From the Alfred Hitchcock back in the 1930s, to the mysterious briefcase of Marsellus Wallace, MacGuffins spark our imagination and make us form wild theories as to what the secret might be.

      I have posted about Brainstorm before, but at that time, I never mentioned his mysterious MacGuffin. He carries a briefcase that he swears that if it is opened outside a controlled environment, it will be the end of the world.

      I went to Ebay to find a suitable briefcase which turned out to be a GI Joe accessory. My Brainstorm loves it. Lifeline will never miss it

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

This Bug's Life

      I have come to the realization that I am more a grasshopper than an ant.

     Aesop's fable tells the perils of improvidence and failure to plan. The problem is that I have a really hard time saving unless it's for a specific desire. And I think I have more fun pursuing my collection that I would scrimping and saving. I don't think I am constitutionally built to be any sort of an ant.

       The downside of this is any sudden big expense such as car or doctor stuff can hurt me and really put me into a dark mental place. Sometimes it takes me a tick or two to bounce back. Thank you all for sticking with while I work through the stuff.

      I would like to state that the only kickback I get from this Blog is this Kickback:

     And while we are at it, here is Shrapnel

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Hunger Games

      To start off- full disclosure #1: this post is being written on my android tablet.

      Full disclosure #2: this is entirely from my perspective, and the other dramatis personae involved probably feel very different

      Full disclosure #3: I'm still kind of pissed that I got charged more than double what I normally pay for an office visit with my doctor's office

       So ya ever have one of those weeks where your body decides to flip you the bird and say " you're not 20 anymore" ? I just had one. It started with feeling simultaneously hungry and bloated, and wound up with me being woken every 4 hours with what felt like sudden, intense hunger pain in my right side just below my ribs. And it wouldn't go away until I fed it.

     My research online pointed to either gallbladder or ulcer.

     Oh, full disclosure #4: I am having teeth issues and taking far more aspirin than should be consumed

     So- to speculate, ulcer seemed to me more likely.

     I hauled my sick and disgruntled ass to the doctors- not my usual physician, she was booked to March. This doctor was the head of the practice. He came in,talked to me,, probed my side, biopsied my wallet, and decided I needed an ultrasound. He did recommend omeprazole for possible acid issues.

      So where I am today. I made a fast change to my diet and eating intervals, started a run of omeprazole and cut aspirin completely. I am no longer waking with gut pain in the night, so so far so good.

      Back to fun posts soon

Sunday, January 18, 2015

New Shelf Space

     I have wanted, lusted after, dreamed of, and finally purchased the Vittsjo shelf from IKEA thanks to a couple of IKEA gift cards for Christmas. I have been looking forward to this for a long while, since my first IKEA trip back in fall of last year (OK, feels longer)

I took some snaps during the construction, as her superstructure rose against the office skyline

Shelf Supports in

Middle supports and shelves

My roommate looked right at it and asked "when are you putting the shelves in?"
umm... well, there they are
and level as it gets

 and up go my toads, and my oriental decor

plus the JJ Abrams edition with lens flares

    Now who to put up? first, move some guys who are suffering from bad cluttered display

the Masterpieces
we are missing someone to enforce the Tyrest Accord. do we need to duly appoint
someone, or wait around for UltraMagnus?

My Dinobots and some Voyagers

 and some favorites

while by no means done-no display of mine can ever be done- I will always add, subtract, mess, and transform it. but for now- for this weekend...