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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Toysday:IDW Wing

     My first third party Transforming Toy was from Mastermind Creations, back in 2011, and bought from TFSource. In October of 2017, I added another of theirs to my growing collection, which will be spotlighted in a future installment of this blog. For now...Mastermind Creations Aero Alpha- IDW Wing from the Drift Comic series

     It's fitting, in a way, that I ended up buying him from TFSource, because they were the first online merchant I dipped my toe in with, and because Mastermind remains my favorite third party manufacturer.

His accuracy to the character in the comics is outstanding

He comes with two short swords

and and ancient greatsword

His altmode is an alien looking spacecraft with a pointy-yet-elegant aesthetic

Amazed at the inclusion of detailed fold-out landing skids. weapon storage is so-so

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Toysday: The Matrix Evolutions

     I think most of you are familiar with the story of Orion Pax, a peaceful, good-natured bot who was nearly destroyed by Megatron.

     Invested with the Matrix of Leadership by the mysterious Alpha Trion, he arose as Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobot cause.

     When Prime Fell in battle, the matrix eventually descended to Hot Rod.

     It empowered him and made him into Rodimus Prime.

     These figures are great! they offer both versions of the characters in each, giving multiple options for display and play. That said, they are not perfect. there is partsforming in both cases. Rodimus Prime has strange shoulders. but they are both highly posable and articulated, plus one more bonus feature

     The Matrices will also allow interaction with a primemaster of your choice, empowering Optimus or Rodimus even further. This is a highly innovative concept, and great execution. I'm liking the new line a lot so far

Friday, January 5, 2018

Friday Funnies: Nice to be Kneaded

     Another Conversation with Sam from this week. She is making a type of flatbread called Naan

Me: so the naan. can it be used to make sourdough?
Sam: can you make sourdough naan? is that what you are asking?
Me: I guess that idea is kind of a naan starter
Sam: was this whole conversation just so you could use that?
Me: about 50/50

Later, getting into the car after a Walmart trip

Me: So I am going to need for you to let me know anytime you are planning on making naan
Sam: Why?
Me: I just think we need some sort of naan-disclosure agreement
Sam: Oh my god...ok, that was pretty good. 

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Kuhli Loach Dance

I took this video of a couple of my favorite fish in my tank. I have a small (10 gallon) tank that after experimenting with a bunch of different types of fish, we ended up with Neons, Kuhli Loaches, and Otocinclus. They all seem to get along and not try to kill each other, which suits me great.

     The story of the fishtank is that Sam had a want for Moss-balls. She bought an Apothecary jar to house the moss balls, and then ended up adding a Betta fish

    That lasted for about a year, and then the apothecary jar cracked on the bottom, and ruined Sam's dresser. She sort of lost her taste for an aquarium in her room after that. She told me that if I wanted the Betta I would need a tank, and we ended up with this 10 gallon because that was what would fit, and was on sale.

     Bettas, you may know, can't be put with anything they will fight, such as other bettas, or fish they might think are bettas. I put in Kuhli Loaches-black ones, because that is what petsmart had. Last christmas season I found a couple of tiny striped ones, which grew into the muscular behemoths you see here.
     The betta eventually passed, giving way to rasboras and cherry barbs, and eternal war. those got offered back to a fish store for credit, and neon tetras took their place.

     Searching for my own video o n youtube, I was a little surprised to find a lot of other Kuhli Loach videos. Apparently I am not alone in enjoying these fish...