Thursday, February 26, 2015

Girls Gone Wild Cybertron Edition

     For such a diverse Mythology as Transformers has, there is a serious Dearth of one body type in the fiction. Fembots.

     The Transformers Episode "the Search for Alpha Trion" introduced a resistance group of female autobots, (although it appears Cybertronians do not require sexual dimorphism to reproduce). These were Elita-One, Chromia, Firestar, Moonracer, Flareup, Greenlight and Lancer. No toys, and they were never seen again on the series, but Transformers the movie introduced Arcee, who would be the most famous female autobot and the most recognizable for many series to follow. for all the others... see here: 

Underrepresented in fiction, they are even less represented as toys, probably due to two factors:

  1. Engineering and appearance in both modes
  2. Boys don't buy girl toys(tho this is not really true)
Actually, I am going to expand upon that second point from experience- when the kenner 12" star wars line came out, I had Han, Luke, Threepio, Artoo, Chewie, and wanted, nay begged for Leia. My parents felt that would be weird, so they talked me into Boba Fett instead- I never ended up with Leia, from that line. not saying it's universal, but maybe not uncommon either. 

Tango wants me to get to the pics, and stop fooling around

Because he worked hard on helping me 
     Anyway- not really what I wanted to talk about. That is over 30 years in the past. What I am here about today is what I have for Female Transformer toys now. I'm sticking with official Hasbro releases for now, will touch upon the MMC Arcee later. I'm also skipping the ones that, in my opinion, suck. (ROTF Elita 1 and TF Prime Airachnid, I am talking to you)

it only took 30 years to get an official release...

I think  like this use of the mold more than the original use(RID Arcee)

Windblade is the new big thing from IDW Comics
Strongarm is the Female lead of the new Transformers Cartoon
Just like TF Prime Arcee was the strong female lead of Transformers Prime
I thought I was above this, but it turns out there is nothing beneath me...
Two Girls, One Kup

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Pushing the Limits

     We are Semi-snowed in here. I mean, we could get out if we needed to, but my need for warm, comfortable burrow trumps my need to go needlessly hunt toys that are not yet released. The doom-report of 21" of snow appears to be a non-thing tho, which pleases me,


     Preceeding the storm here, from my friends at BBTS and the excellent folks at Toyworld was the train I had to catch.

     Despite my immediate enthusiasm when I heard about "Devilstar" then "Evila Star", having him in hand is a mixed blessing. I have wanted a classics styled Astrotrain for a long time. he looks great in all modes. On the (deceptive) con side, however, he is a migraine made plastic to transform. I love intricate engineering, but in the case of this figure as a triplechanger, I think Toyworld hit, and pushed the limits of what could be done with a toy. Mine also had a slight assembly error(which I corrected) which had the panels which hold his nosecone and feet on the wrong legs. I careful swap by easing the pins out of their holes set him to rights.

Astrotrain and Blitzwing are the two classic Triplechangers of the Decepticons(Octane came later on), and I am happy to have him, but there are those Toys that I look at and think..."things I would rather do than transform him..." and the list is big. so Astrotrain will be spending most of his time in robot mode for display. Just like Toywolds Orion(Optimus)

Astrotrain does not use the same gauge track as HOS Optimus

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Terrible, Terrible Lies About Cockatoos

     The Name "Cockatoo" comes from the name french explorers gave to the bird, "Coq Au Deux" or "Second Chicken"

     Taxonomy: they generally do not file returns(this is actually true)

     The female Cockatoo is more properly termed a "Henatoo" not a Hentai- that is waaay different and involves tentacles and schoolgirls

     The Coloration of the Cockatoo indicates that it is originally an arctic creature. Like the polar bear, they have black skin with a white coat. My carefully researched information indicates that the Cockatoo migrated south in prehistoric times because A) it was cold up there and B) they were looking for humans to provide snuggles.

     In the Olympics from 1896-1924 Australian Gymnasts would toss a Cockatoo from hand to hand rather than using chalk to improve their grip.

this post is dedicated to Sid, roommate of my roommate who dances wildly to "Crazy Loop" and loves it when I sing "For Those About to Flock (We Salute 'Too)" and "I Know It's Only Cockatoo But I Like It"

Feel My FURY!

     I watched a movie last week, called Fury. I had wanted to see it for some time, and I am happy I saw it...once.

     Don't get me wrong at all. This was a good movie, but hard to watch

     What this movie is not:

  • it is not a Marvel Studios Prequel about the father/grandfather of Nicholas J. Fury in WWII
  • a charming goofball comedy about a group of anthropomorphic animals who drive a tank in WWII(that would be "Furry")
     What this movie is: 
  • a gritty, dirty, brutal movie about tank warfare
  • A reason to look at Saints and Soldiers as being positively cheery by comparison (and you know I never ever exaggerate)(hardly ever) (OK, I do)
     I'm not going to go into the plot. you can read that via the link, or see the movie, if you like. What the movie made me feel was... tired...weary. No elation, just sadness at all the deaths. There is a scene(spoiler alert) where the crew takes a town and you see them pass murdered and displayed German townspeople, killed because they were "cowards" or refused to let their children fight for the Nazi cause. In the town, most of the "soldiers" are young boys and girls in half assembled uniforms, pressed into service. (End Spoiler)

     What I learned...
     Well, Tank Warfare was brutal and strategic. The German forces had more powerful, more advanced tanks, but based upon what I saw here, it looks like the US was able to manufacture and field more of their own. Or maybe just Germany was at the end of it's resources in 1945. Tank Crews had to be a completely cohesive unit with no dissension, and no hesitation. The front lines are no place for moral objections to killing.

Oh, and tracers look like lasers, and are very cool on screen. 

     If you see it, you may have a completely different reaction than I did. 

     Side note- I mentioned the movie to my father, a WWII vet from the US navy. He pointed out that the war ended, and the world just kept on fighting everywhere. He's not wrong.