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Thursday, September 21, 2017


     Just a quick post to point you at a friend of mine.

     Why is he a friend? Does he buy transformers for his daughter?

     Well, no. but I like him anyway. And I think you will too.

Dose of Dad

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Toysday: Spring in My Heart

     I think I have mentioned here on this Blog that I love Springer as a character. He was one of my favorite transformers in the old days, and I tend to be very interested in any new versions that come up.

     So when i heard there was a new third party company in the wind, called Open Play and their first product, Big Spring, was going to be a masterpiece scale/style version of Springer...

     I was both intrigued and skeptical. First outing as a company, and they took on a triple changer???

     So I watched reviews, and paid attention to what other fans were saying, and it was about 90% good. He was also at a surprisingly low price point versus other iterations of the character. So I ended up biting. I bit, and was hooked.

 The Good:

  • He looks good in all three modes, tricky to do on a triple-changer.
  • His transformation is intricate, but still fun rather than headache inducing. 
  • He has a high level of articulation and posability, and is very sturdy 
  • His aesthetic goes good on my shelf. 
  • His colors blend together well, so no color is jarring or misplaced. 
  • Little touches like a variable canopy width, pop-out headlights, pop out stabilizers in helicopter mode. 
The Baddish:
  • His face is a little flat and expressionless. 
  • Some tabs don't stay tabbed in they way I would like
  • Some things don't "store" in all modes, such as the bomb and the sword holder that plugs into his back

     Final thoughts before we get to the photos- A good transformer figure is one you enjoy transforming, over and over for years. A great one is one you keep learning things about, every time you transform it. Open Play gave us this figure. No Frills packaging, no printed instructions, but they went all in on the little special touches on the figure, and they did not skimp on accessories. Whoever the designers are, I look forward to their next project. 

And Cappy joined me in my office because we are working on training out the worst of the screaming. If you have ever heard a gold-capped Conure in full voice, you will comprehend the necessity...

Monday, September 18, 2017

Monday Media Musings

     Is not posting this week. see you next week. just don't feel like writing today, due to stuff going on here.

Thursday, September 14, 2017