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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Sentimental Sundays: The World Still Needs Heroes...

     The year was 1993. I collected Comics at (I think) a mile-high comics offshoot at Buckingham square. The store, the mall itself are only three-dimensional now in my memory. Buckingham Square got razed and made into a different type of mall and all of it's odd little bits of charm are gone.

     In June of 1993, Marvel under Editor-In-Chief Tom DeFalco, launched a book called Thunderstrike; I loved this book. Here was a hero who was a regular guy, with regular guy problems- An Ex-Wife, a son, not a scientific genius, not possessed of mary-suesque levels of hero skill... kind of a Klutz, really. He was learning to be a hero- the Every-man Avenger, and I was hooked.

     I had the full run until Sam and I had to move from west Denver to Lakewood. The move was hurried, and things got lost in packing, and other things were left behind.

     Written on the characters mace was the legend "the world still needs heroes". Today, my daughter is that hero. We were talking about that comic and she surprised me with a box in the mail containing the full run of the series. She's my hero because she brought another of my heroes back.

     She's a hero to a lot of folks, and a lot of Cats, too. Her personal crusade is to socialize feral cats and get them adoptable and more snuggle-ready and less people-shreddy. Her Blog is called Dark Dragon Musings. and as I am to my birds, she is to her cats and dogs.

     As a side-note to Thunderstrike, despite the fact that Marvel appears to have kind of washed their hands of him September 1995....twenty years later, one on the Marvel Infinite 2015 waves featured him in my preferred 3.75 scale.

Hell Yes the world needs heroes

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Toysday: Iron Bots and Wooden Wings

     IDW Hearts of Steel was about Transformers in the age of steam and Iron Rails. It was a great alternative worlds story and a lot of fun.

     Mastermind Creations and now Mech Planet have given us Physical representations of the characters found in that alternate world...

     Steampunk Transformers toys!

     And triplane seekers!!

Whose hip skirts becomes combinable swords

The title for this post comes from a book published the year of my birth, which I read many times in my childhood until it fell apart, page by page...

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Toysday: Mastermind Creations- Brothers of the Blade

     Wing and Drift, IDW Style

MMC Reformatted R-29 Aero Alpha

MMC Reformatted R-32 Stray

IDW Wing and Drift
IDW Sidney, who has Wings but does not really Drift
He more Saunters...

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Toysday: Starscream Convention

     It began with the studio Series Starscream... I was messing with him, and I thought... how does he compare, size-wise? So I grabbed POTP Starscream... and HOS Starscream...

     Pretty soon I had a gathering.

RID Starscream

Prime Starscream- The Schemer

HOS Starscream by Mastermind Creations