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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Toysday: Little Boxes

     A couple of months ago I saw something that crossed a couple of my interests together in a fascinating way.

     I found a parrot transformer, of sorts. He's not perfect- lots of folks get the feet wrong on parrots, which should be zygodactyl- Two toes in front, two in back- Parrots and woodpeckers are the only birds to have this adaptation. What he does have, however is multiple jointed wings, legs, and a beak which opens. All in Introducing Echoblaster by 52Toys

     And his brothers Dio


     And Delta-

Some of these also come with "charging"/display boxes which plug together

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Toysday: The lost Tuesdays

     So I keep remembering to make my Tuesday post... on Wednesday- sometimes on Thursday.  And then I think... Well just do it next week.

     So here are some pics and a hope to getting back on the stick.

     Four dangerous decepticons...

And two wreckers. They need more decepticons

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Toysday: Another Superion Christmas

     Can it really be four years since I posted this? Apparently it can be. A good, Hasbro Superion

     And then we heard about the Upsized KO from Ju Jiang.

Cool Figure- Hefty Pricetag. $175 + depending. Not in my budget at the time.

     But fortune favors the Shawn sometimes- TFSource Black-Friday-ed this sucker, and he was within my budget

     But he arrived Minus a wingtip missile on Skydive- I contacted TFSource, they contacted the factory, and we waited...

     Last week, it arrived, I installed it, and


Air Raid




     He towers over the Hasbro combiner, almost as tall as Fort Max, I put his Aesthetic more with CHUG than masterpiece tho.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Toysday: New Guard

     I'm in the process of redefining some figures on my shelves. Some things that were not billed as Masterpiece, such as MMC Stray fit better there than Among Classics scale. So while I was futzing around... I ended up taking down my '86 movie cast to review them

     They come from Hasbro, Fanstoys, Mastermind, and Open Play- In each case though, their Aesthetic meets my standards and those of my dread, living shelves...

Mastermind's Ocular Max Arcee

XSX Blurr

FansToys Kup

OpenPlay Springer