Wednesday, October 7, 2015

It Was Over Way Too Fast

     Please pause for my fanboy geek-out moment. I will be right with you.


     Thank you. So I got up this morning and watched the season Premiere of the Flash on my tablet. (thank you, CW App) See my quick review above. Spoilers below, so be ye warn-ed, matey.

     Rather than picking up right after season 1's cliffhanger, they pick up six months later. Barry is alone, having pushed his team away for their protection. He is debating whether to go to the celebration in his name, where the Flash would be given the key to the city. He is mourning both Eddie Thawne and Ronnie Raymond, who perished while stopping Eobard Thawne, and feeling that he failed, because while he saved the city, he lost two friends. Joe, Cisco, Iris are hovering around him, but giving him Space.

     Barry decides to attend the ceremony, and who else should attend but a new metahuman, Atom Smasher- A hero most times in DC continuity, but not here- here he has come to destroy the Flash, for a Mysterious reason. With the help of his team, who decide Barry has had enough space, and Joe, who decides to stop taking "no" for an answer, they defeat the "meta of the week"

     And with his dying word, Atom Smasher identifies the Big Bad of the Season..."Zoom..."

Who could it be?
 could it be  
probably not- probably this guy.

there is more than one reverse flash, you see. and we have seen this one, so far, and he may not be dead everywhere, it turns out.

     But that's not the payout on this episode. "Harrison Wells" leaves S.T.A.R. labs to Barry, and a confession that frees Henry Allen from prison. Henry rides off into the sunset so Barry can be all he needs to become, promising to return if needed

Still not the payout.


is the payout

SQUEEE indeed. looking forward to next week.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Everything I Need to Know About Life...

    ..... I Learned from Optimus Prime

First- there are a ton of these lists out there- I can't believe this one wasn't.
Second- some of these life lessons I am still learning. I am still an imperfect being.

  • Don't be afraid to make big changes to adapt to new circumstances
  • Admit your errors and move on to fixing them
  • Always act decisively to confront a danger
  • When something is necessary, do it, no matter the cost.
  • Lead by example, and from the front line, but trust in your comrades to shine with their own light
  • Be ready for anything- fate rarely calls upon us at a moment of our choosing
  • There is a thin line between being a hero and being a memory
  • Wisdom can conquer madness
  • Preserve life where you can-where there is life, there is still hope
  • Be strong enough to be gentle and kind
  • There is no true evil-just sentients who have lost their way
  • Always be willing to grant forgiveness and understanding for those who seek a better way
  • Be mindful of all lives, even those that seem insignificant-there may be more to them than meets the eye.
  • No power ever comes to you that doesn't bear it's own inherent burden
  • Freedom is the right of all sentient beings
  • Never lose faith in yourself 

For some other takes of a similar nature

Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Dangers of Hidden Cockatiels

     My roommate and Ex recently adopted two birds- a Green-cheeked conure a few months older than Tango and a young peach-faced lovebird. She adopted the Conure because she fell in love with her. She adopted the lovebird because he is a consummate con-artist. He managed to trick the conure into feeding him like a baby bird, to the point where she worried about him and stressed about him if she could not see him.

Note: He may not be a lovebird. 
is there a similar-looking species called a playah-bird? if so, that is him. 

It is difficult to get non-blurry pictures of him.
it would require him to stop moving
for more than a second
     So I helped her bring these two birds home, unaware of the phantom cockatiels that came with them. We didn't see then come from the store- we have not seen them yet, to this day. We only hear them, when these two get upset.

Note#2: nothing in this world conveys offense, 
or just the sense that the world is not going their way, quite like a cockatiel 

     So somewhere in the house, there are at least three cockatiels, as conveyed by two other birds. They have not been seen to this day, and I think they never shall be.

Note# 3- the conure figured him out about a week after they came home and "weaned" him. 

     Other bird news: I brought home a second Conure, a Gold-Capped one. Cappy, or Captain(but never Capitan) is about 10, not hand tamed(yet) and has been hit or thrown, probably. But he is smart, sweet, and needs the love. His strategy of escape and evade is pretty amazing to watch. He doesn't mind a person being close as long as they are just talking, but he is afraid of anyone trying to pick him up. He and Tango talk but he is about twice Tangos size, so I am really careful about how close they get.

     And finally, Sid, my Roommates Cockatoo, took flight yesterday. She has been encouraging him to take short flights, to build up his flight muscles, and improve general health. Yesterday, she took him outside, and I got the call:

"I need help"
"what's up?"
"Sid's on a roof. A second story roof"
"I'll be right up"

     Seems that he saw kids across the street, and he LOVES kids. So he flew, and when I got there he was walking proudly and slightly freaked out across the edge of the roof. We asked our neighbor for a ladder, and that worked. Sid took one look at the ladder, decided he wanted no part of it, and flew down and across the street. I ran, scooped him up, hugged his wings so he knew he was safe-and so he could not take off again- and ran him back downstairs. He's getting a wing trim in the near future. I love that he can fly, but he is not yet at the point of doing it safely. He tends to stop by running into things.

     But he was majestic in the air, on the way across the street

He was also so proud of himself. And he involved two neighbors and the mail carrier.
His legend grows

Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Pet Shop Boys

     No, not the synthpop group, these are green cheeked conures trying to entice someone to take them home. I was lucky enough to catch their act today.