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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Round Robin Challenge-Curating

     To paraphrase the tagline from Stallone's Cobra, which is apparently about neither the terrorist organization fighting G.I.Joe or keeping your insurance after separating from employment

     "Toys are a Disease. Meet the Curator"

     Are toys my disease? Some days they are the thing that drives me mad, some days they are all that gives my mind ease.

     For my level of nostalgia, I display surprisingly little vintage stuff. I guess I like the Neo-G1 look too much. I love to see the new innovations, so sometimes I have to fight with myself to decide which version or versions of character represent his or her essence best. My biggest challenge is taking anything down, anything at all. Shelf space is always short for this reason, and making the display too cluttered is a constant risk.

     For my display, it's Autobot heavy, with a small shelf of Decepticons, it's also Neo-G1 heavy, with both classics and masterpieces, with a small shelf of Prime and a movie Optimus Shelf. I even have a shelf of transformers that don't fit on any other shelf. Things come in from my storage, things go back to storage, new things come in and older things go to the storage.They get taken down, transformed, loved, reposed...

     And dusted. Oh yes. This Apartment creates dust like Michael Bay creates​ explosions and fanboy wails. So I turn to my friend the cheap paint brush for a dust solution.It is gentle, but will get into areas of heavy detail with ease. Alexis, just for you, I dusted one of my Jin Chan Toads

My Fellow Curators

  • Toy Break is all about the connections to childhood
  • Alexis Universe Keeps shifting them around to make greater and greater sense

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Round Robin Challenge: Two Great Tastes That Are Great together

I'm a bit under the weather right now, having hurt my back SLEEPING. Being at less than top me always makes me long for Comfort foods to make me feel better.

     When I think of Sick -food, I tend to go back to my moms Cream-of-chicken over rice. This was a hot, starchy combo that never failed to soothe, just a can of Campbell's Cream-of-Chicken over a bowl of minute-rice. 

     I've become a little more heath-conscious though, and some of what I mentioned above could be healthier, with more actual food value. So my own preparation takes a slightly different form. Steamed Jasmine Rice takes the place of minute rice(which has all the nutrition of recycled cardboard) It's still Campbell's soup, but the amount of actual chicken in that soup is minimal. so I throw a can of chicken breast chunks in there to boost that. One of the values of this is is doesn't take much prep and will feed me for a couple of days. It's filling, and comforting all at once. Tango will get a kernel or so of rice and take it to my knee to eat. 

     Sam swears by Sunny Delight when she is sick, and I have picked that up too. I like to mix it, though, about 1/2 to 2/3 sunny D with a shot of Squirt to give it a little bite. 

     Lately I have gotten fond of Greek Yogurt over cereal, too. Another easy prep for a meal, although it doesn't stick to your ribs the way the soup and rice above do.

     I love the aesthetic of the Beast wars with Planet X's WFC figures. 

Triple-Dog dared
Fellow bloggers

Sunday, March 12, 2017

A Box from The Toy Box

       My friend and fellow blogger over at the Toy Box sent out a a box of goodies as part of the last Round Robin challenge. It was not a small box. It was of significant size. I and my bestest buddy Tango undertook the task of unboxing and photographing everything this morning
     What a selection inside! the first thing I pulled out was a beautiful set of binoculars, packaged up in their box, These are going to make birdwatching great!

     The next thing I found was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Tango took some interest in Raphael. 

This is the original style of artwork, from the Eastman and Laird comics, when it was
more of a satire. The turtles in their first incarnation were mutated by the same
substance that gave Daredevil his powers and took his sight 

The Shredder- with Grate power comes Grate responsibility. Cheesy joke?

I love the color effect. comics inked in 3 dimensions

Adam of Eternia popped out next

Followed by Ram Man

I can't look at these old filmation characters now without thinking of
"Son of Zorn"

Of course, speaking of TMNT Comics, here is a large helping of Archie Digests. I have been watching "Riverdale" on the CW and I Don't remember Archie being much like that..;.this will be back to roots I suspect. 

     I know little of Five Nights at Freddys, but this appears to be "Foxy" and "the Puppet" according to my researches

For the Culinary Portion of the box...Pocky and Star Wars themed cookware!

the Artoo measuring cups and spoons...clever as hell!

Probably not the Space Cowboy(that would be Terra Man) but he might be the Gangster of Love
She's likely going up next to my Bomshells Wonder Woman and Groot
And it's always good to finish with some Lego- I am no master Builder- I used the instructions

and Tango helped- mostly by staying on my shoulder and not stealing any pieces. 

Lego never fails to impress me with it's innovation. 

Friday, March 10, 2017

Sharing the Madness

     I have a wild mind that sees humor in odd situations. And I love when I can pull someone into my antics and let them play along too.

     Some examples of this are tonight, at jack in the box, when I noticed the drinks machine had a soft drink called "jumpin' jack splash" which was unavailable. I asked the clerk at the counter if it was unavailable because it was not a liquid, but was in fact a gas,gas,gas.... Sadly, he did not immediately get that. He got ribbed for it, too by someone else back in the kitchen. Before you ask, I am unclear on whether the drink is made in a crossfire hurricane.

     Some other recent examples...

     At del taco (regarding their hand sliced tomatoes) I asked if using a knife might be more effective, and the lady behind the counter quickly bounced back with "no, a lot of our people know karate" I also asked them if the beer battered fish meant it had been hit with a bottle of Coors while being caught.

     At our local sprouts grocery store, I tend to terrorize the produce people, particularly over strangely named apple types. I found (because I asked specifically) that pinata apples are not harvested by blindfolded children with sticks. The envy apples when I was offered a sample, I told them I would rather just quietly resent the fact that they had them and I didn't.

     At PetSmart I was looking at the Betta fish and was asked if I wanted one. I told them I couldn't have one due to my blood pressure, because I was on Betta blockers. And I could see the wheels turning...

     At Walmart I managed to engage the pet clerk in what I am calling the great algae eater recruitment of 2017. I have a 10 gallon tank with a few fish in it and we recently started to see a lot of algae. So I was looking at algae eaters. I told the girl that I wanted them from this tank, not that one "because those look like slackers" she proceeded to catch me two, and on her own decided that one of them didn't look eager enough, so he got put back in favor of a livelier one. Whatever she saw...The two I brought home had every speck of algae cleaned within four days. She can hire my algae eaters anytime.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Round Robin Challenge: Two Great Tastes That Are Great together

 The challenge this week is about bringing things together that either should be together, like chocolate and peanut butter, or that don't, but work for you together. This could be a crossover, similar to last week's challenge, or something you cook for yourself, or anything else you desire.

     But isn't there always a twist? This is no exception. To tell you about the twist, I have to go back into a little known legend... The legend of Sir Aldward Kantribus. Sir Aldward was a man of peace, a humble and gentle man, who traveled across England and Western Europe mediating disputes, forging alliances, and uniting families. He is best known for the day he performed a mass wedding ceremony binding one half of a village to the other half, and in the resulting confusion, no one knew who they were now wedded to. Even today we still make reference to the little Swiss village of Kloestervuck

     His family motto, Unum Est Numero Maxime Solum(one is the number most alone) was well known among the scholarly, but the common folk knew him best by his shield device, three hounds rampant on a field of gold surrounding a table. The common folk called him the three-dog knight.

In celebration of the legend, the challenge this week includes the triple-dog dare. Write your post, and challenge someone else to write a post for the round robin as well. This can be someone you know, someone you don't know but admire, someone who has been involved in the past or someone who has never heard of this challenge. Remember, this is open to bloggers, tweeters, facebookers, pinteresters, Instagrammarians, you name it. We might expand the circle, meet new people, or just have some fun. I triple-dog dare you.

Update- Lets give this two weeks for maximum results