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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Toysday: Introducing a Third Party Masterpiece to your Official Masterpiece Collection

     Properly introducing third party masterpieces to your official Has/Tak collection can be tricky- not just due to differences in Aesthetics and Quality, but also due to possible personality conflicts.

     The First, Most important step is to introduce your new third party piece to pieces of similar temperament and size.

     I had chosen to introduce Maketoys Jazz to Sideswipe, Sunstreaker,


and Wheeljack.

     It was tense, cautious. I was afraid we weren't going to get a match, and that the collection would go Jazz-less, as Has/Taks plan for him seems to involve sometime after the fall of western civilization, But then Bumblebee rolled up. Everything just sort of relaxed.

Sideswipe admired Jazz's Rocket Launcher

Sunstreaker wanted to show off his hidden pistol- He also noted that they had similar leg transformation

Tracks wanted to know who does Jazz's bodywork.

And Wheeljack had some interesting ideas for... upgrades

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Gelatinous Ecology

     Today, I went to Sprouts to pick up some items and found that one of the items- Their store brand bulk Gummi Bears (@ $.99 this week) was out of stock. Dare I say... Extinct.

     That got me thinking about the ecology of Ursus Gelatinosis Fructus Sapidus, more commonly known as the lesser gummi bear. They used to be plentiful, roaming across the fields and hills of Germany, but the division of the country after WWII cut into their migratory path and affected their habitat. only after 1989 when the Berlin wall fell was the breeding program established in the black forest by Haribo able to bring these once proud creatures back to a fraction of their former numbers. They have come back from Critical to near threatened, and are approaching least concern.

     When I went back to Sprouts later, they had restocked- I made sure to ask if they were farm raised, free-range, or wild caught. The checkout clerk wasn't sure, but suspected free range.

     I'm happy to report that Salmo Nanus Cerasium Gelata, or the Dwarf Cherry Jelly Salmon is doing excellently in the salmon hatcheries of Ikea, where it is filleted, halved, and packaged under the suspiciously mundane name of Swedish fish.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Toysday: The Greatest Autobot Generation

     So to start off- you will note Toysday is on Wednesday. This is because about three bots were MIA, and I couldn't make myself write the post until I found them- The joys of OCD.

    The greatest Autobot Generation- their own planet lost, dying, they stayed here, in disguise, to save ours. Secret guardians fighting a hidden war against shadowy aggressors.


Classic Camaro Bumblebee

HTFD Ironhide standing in for Studio Ironhide


Optimus Prime


High Octane Bumblebee

Warhammer Bumblebee


Evasion Optimus

Western Star Optimus




Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Toysday: Baddest of the Bad

     I have always enjoyed the movie line along with the regular lines from transformers, but some of the TLK and studio series seriously upped their game, even while dropping their scale. So today, I give you an assortment of Autobot Adversaries from the movies

Barricade- the Bad Cop

Lockdown, the sinister bounty hunter

Stinger- inspired by Bumblebee, but better in every way

Starscream- nuff said

TLK Megatron

Blackout- First Decepticon seen on screen