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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Earth's Motor-est Heroes

      Sam and I saw the new Captain America movie two days after it opened, which is fast for us... we usually wait a week or so. I think we are far enough out now to be Spoiler Free

     Before we talk about the movie, we need to talk about the History behind it. Avengers:Age of Ultron and the aftermath of it led to this:

     Yep... it's the Sokovia Accord. and the disagreement over that led to

    ....If only that could be the end to the bad jokes...

The Marvel cars come in two different versions. There are the Comic versions, styled to reflect the spirit of the character. Then there are the movie versions, which are repainted versions of older hot wheels cars. Both have their charm

Black Widow

Smashing through

Nick Fury

Hawkeye(comic version)

Thor (comic)

Black Widow(comic)

Captain America(comic)

Iron Man(comic)

Iron Man Hulkbuster (comic)

and combined together(clever)

the Falcon (comic)

The Wasp
Black Panther


New Hobby

     If you are a more than casual follower of this blog, you might have some questions, which I will answer now.

     No, he did not die.
     Yes, just been busy
      Yep, really

     So the new hobby is called "Adulting" and it is fairly time-intensive. It involves things like paying bills on time, replacing burnt-out CFL bulbs with new LEDs, and then replacing the CFLs in that fixture that did not burn out also with LEDs because they look like crap together. It also involves not referring to "adulting " as "adultery" because that gets you looked at strangely.

     So I am fine, Tango, Cappy and Wallace are fine, Sam is fine(she's adulting too) And Sid, Ruby, Ginkgo and Ichabob are fine. Posts on Ratchet and Wheeljack are a-comin-hold-yer-dern-horses, so I will see you soon with those