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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Toysday: When Dinosaurs Ruled the Shelves Part 3

    So I am surprised that this post was more than a year in the making...

     The FansProjassic Epoch, characterized by CHUG scaled Neo-G1 figures which shared transformation characteristics with the original G1 Dinobots. They Also in most cases came equipped with "Battlemaster-Style" weapons- smaller bots who would become instruments of destruction

     This series started strong, but if memory servfes they had some designer and factory changes that delayed releases- add that to the fact that multiple other companies were releasing third party dinobots, and faster...

Still, there is a lot of charm to these

My Prior posts on this

And some general thoughts on Dinos and their evolution

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Thoysday: Orthia

     Originally called Elita Infin1te, the final form of the Elita 1 combiner is the Five Female Autobots

  • Elita 1

  • Moonracer

  • Novastar or Firestar

  • Greenlight

  • Lancer

     But where did the name come from? Orthia appears to come from Artemis Orthia, an aspect of the Greek goddess of the hunt. 

Artemis, like most Greek deities, had epithets (monikers that identified her with a specific power or role). However, the epithet of Orthia isn't found anywhere else in Greece but Sparta (and perhaps the Spartan vassal-city of Messene). So, what's up with this?

It seems that Orthia was a local goddess originally worshipped only in Sparta. Orthia was a goddess of nature and hunting, as well as fertility, childbirth, and vegetation. It is likely that worship of this uniquely Spartan deity fused with worship of the more widely celebrated Artemis, and the two melded into one: Artemis Orthia, or the Artemis with the powers and roles of Orthia. There are actually many instances of this happening throughout Greece where local deities merged with more popular ones.

Elita-Infin1te refers to any random combination that has Elita One as its torso, whereas Orthia is a combination of Elita with four very specific female Autobots) 

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Toysday: Selections from the Collections.

     As expected, I still have shelves to mess with, but this time I didn't let it stop me. SO as promised...

Shelves and lights by IKEA
Photography by MY PHONE
Minecraft figs by JAZWARES

SkyLynx is Magna Inventa by MMC

Old Time Alt Modes by MMC and Others

 Optimus Prime in many modes

Dinobots by FansProject and Hasbro

And more yet to Come