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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

This Just In(okay, this just opened)

     I bought this sunday, and -somehow- managed to avoid opening him until it was appropriate

Zombie Cliffjumper(Terrorcon Cliffjumper)(which is cybertronian for Frickin' Zombie, man!)

I was saddened to see cliffjumper go in the first episodes of TF:Prime, but his sacrifice gave us zombie transformers. Plus, I expect Dwayne Johnson was a not inexpensive voice talent (can you smell what The Rock is getting paid?). Farewell, Cliff, until all are one, or someone repowers your Spark

Update: better pictures later

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Winged Migration

     Not the movie about geese and other birds- this is the Burrows remake...

     Tango has grown out a couple of primary flight feathers on each wing, and he's been essaying a flight here and there. but it takes something truly threatening(Sam) or terrifying(Still Sam) to make him really take off. Sam tends to wave her fingers at him and make him play the "Flee Mommy" Game.

     Anyway... the upshot of this is Tango flew from his cage over to Aldo's. This is a distance of 4 feet, 5 inches, and according to my cursory search of Google, appears to be a new world record for below-ground conure flight.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

League Assignment: Halloween Traditions in the Burrow

     Halloween Traditions, we have a few. We don't really costume, not any more, but I do like to hit the costume stores and aisles and see the trends. There is lots and lots of Spiderman and Avengers this year, a long with some odd-ball ones I would not expect...Scooby Doo? To me, the costumes reflect what is on the minds of the general public, and Scooby seems a little too "classic" right now.

     The second tradition is to check out the decorations, and we have a couple of folks in the area who not only pull out all the stops but pump the pedals furiously while doing so, and hit every key. There is a house a couple of miles away where his entire yard is an animated dance routine of multiple dummies, zombies, pirates, Freddy Krueger, and you-name-it monsters. One of my friends who reads this blog comes in a close gruesome second, and I need to see both displays before the 31st

     The Third thing is seasonal movies. Sam and I love to watch the scary ones, even the ones that aren't intended to be. These are Ghost and Monster movies, not Serial Killer ones. Sam likes those for Valentines day...don't ask. This year has been a quiet one for us, in terms of all of these, too much stress going on, too little money coming in, but I have missed these, and I hope we pick up again next year. We did manage to watch and podcast TrollHunter, The Perfect Host, and Death of a Ghosthunter, and that last one will be up within 24 hours

Monster Cafe is starting a new tradition

Branded in the 80's makes Halloween last all month long

Geek Till it Hurts takes his movie marathon more seriously than I take mine

Same with That Figures- they both SHAME ME. he even Sequeled his post!

Dead Man Dan calls up memories of my Childhood

Rediscover the 80's reminds us that no mere mortal can resist...the evil of the THRILLER...

Whatever I think of is all about Candy Corn and Karaoke

The Man Who Stares at Toys also Stares at Halloween decorations

Talk Star Wars to Me has some great real world tips on DIY costumes

AEIOU and Sometimes Why has a really big black cat in his yard...

Henchgirl talks about movie marathons and old family traditions

Are you there god it's me Generation X has a day of the dead parade

Team Hellions likes Complementary Costumes with his lady

and Cool and Collected loves the Cox Farms Fall Festival

Monday, October 22, 2012

Bad Romance: Woman's Suffrage

Just so we're clear here: It has to be a really good parody for me to like.  This one just squeaks through by my standards.  So, that's saying a lot!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

League Extra Credit...? In the Sunny Streets of Ankh-Morpork

     You ever Publish, and feel like it just fell Flat? Like what you just wrote lacked the punch you started with? To combat that feeling, I delayed my trip home long enough to stop in Colorful Ankh-Morpork!

     I thought I was going to have to convert my currency to postage stamps, but as it turns out they have newly minted paper money now! I headed down to the Street of Cunning Artificers to pick up some dwarven crafts, but stopped to pick up a meal from a sausage-in-a-bun vendor. The next thing I knew, I was green, shaking and being woken from a horrible nightmare by a troll constable(which would be considered a horrible nightmare by some as well)

     I checked my available money, found that it had wandered away, which didn't concern the constable nearly as much as the fact that I didn't receive a receipt for the theft, he ushered me back to the station house at Pseudopolis Yard, where I was questioned by The Captain (a magnificent looking fellow) who seemed amused that the amount of money I reported missing stayed the same even under repeated questioning. I was ushered to the watch commander, where I repeated my story. He muttered something about "Non credas homini honesto" and assured me that the full apathy of the watch would be focused on retrieving my $20. He offered me a Cigar, which I declined. He then loaned me $50 to send me on my way, and advised me that "a wise Man would give Mr. Dibblers cart a miss next time."

     I'm still not sure why I attracted the attention of the Patrician. All I know is that I was informed that I had an appointment to see him, and was assured, yes, I did in fact have such an appointment. He informed me that my money was actually taken by a beggar named Foul Ole Ron, and if I were  wise man, I would not actually want it back, as it would by now be far more fragrant than I left it. I started to protest and he said "Bugrit, Bugrit, Mr. Badger. Bugrit, and Possibly Millenium Hand and Shrimp as well" I was then told not to hesitate to leave, which I took as a hint...

     I never did make the Street of Cunning Artificers. I'll have to hit there when I stop by to pay Mr. Vimes back his $50

Other League members took vacations too

Yelinna of Travelling Pics was there at the same time
JoeADay visited Cobras Silent Castle
3Bs visited Springfield
Movie Hodge Podge visited Q's lab for some Swag
Dead Man Dan(of Flying Monkeys) was a long distance call away from me in Gotham(and I never even knew!)
and we can only hope Cool and Collected will make it back from his trip to see some dinosaurs to do a final post for this week!

League Assignment: A Visit to the Kent's Guest Room

     I thought long and hard about this. I've wanted to visit a lot of fictional places. some of them I have even had a hand in creating (during my years of Role-play gaming). so where to visit? Almost anywhere you go in any pop culture universe has it's own inherent hazards. From the New York of Marvel, where anywhere you park your car it is guaranteed to be used as a weapon/casualty in a super-powered conflict, to the town of Pleasantville, where the very blandness is itself a threat. As threats go, I know to avoid any old cars or large dogs in Maine,

     There are an incredible number of Distinct Destinations, such as a trip to Hogwarts, a far-off locale like Eternia for a tour by Wind-Raider, A full Horror Movie Pilgrimage with ghostbusters gear on hand, or a trip across multiple famous planets at FTL speed . If I had a chance to visit my younger self, I would give myself some darn good advice to ignore. If I had the opportunity to "return" to the future...well, I'm thinking lottery numbers might be a good thing to pick up. All you would need would be a good travel agent with a useful room to get you there.

     I spent ten years watching Smallville (don't judge) and I tend to revisit there a lot (ditto). I like the character growth from awkward youth to man of steel that Clark exhibits, and all of the wrong turns along the way.

     My visit to Smallville began when I was run off the road in the middle of the night by some lunatic. I bumped my head pretty good, but when the farmer and his son helped pull me out of the car, I'm pretty sure the kid pushed the car back onto the road himself. No way he lifted it...uh uh. What the hell do they feed these farm kids, anyway? Anyway, they introduce themselves as Jonathan and Clark Kent. my car is leaking oil, and it's raining, so they offer to help me get it towed and a place to stay until I find out what it will take ot fix it. The Kents put me up in their guest room. In the morning Martha Makes pancakes

     In the Morning, Johnathan asks me where I was going, I tell him "Metropolis, I guess." and at his questioning look, I end up spilling the whole story, about the mess my life has become. We both lean our arms on the split rail fence, and he starts talking. For a man who looks like he should have a bright orange Dodge charger hidden somewhere on the farm, this guy can knock an inspirational speech out of the park. I feel a lot better after talking to him...until I hear about my civic. The oil pan is dinged, and I'm going to be here a few days. Amazingly, this family takes me in. It also turns out they know the car that ran me off the road (small towns, eh?) and "it's not like him to drive off from an accident". They take me over to speak to the driver of the car.

     Not sure what's going on, but Clark suddenly looks like he has the flu as we approach the drivers house. He's sweating, shaky, and I suddenly don't want him breathing on me. Jonathan tells him to go back to the car and he starts looking better. The Driver of the car that hit me doesn't answer his door, and the Kents call the sheriff out to take a look. Sheriff Adams is a no-nonsense kind of person, and finds that the driver of the car is dead when she investigates. She does make an odd comment about the Kents always being around when this type of thing happens.
     I was mad about my car, but now I feel bad, guy was probably in incredible pain when he ran me off the road. They don't have any idea why he died. Probably did not help that he had a house full of green rocks though...hoarder? Who knows? I'm tempted to pick up a rock, but...crime scene.

          We drive back to the Kents farm, and Clark offers to take a look at my car. He comes out and says he was able to fix the oil pan, and it wasn't as bad as we thought. My little civic is ready to go, in fact it's running a lot better than it was. Clark is one heck of a mechanic, plus he managed to get his farm chores done in record time... I do feel like I got some perspective on this trip, and I am ready to turn around and get my life back on track. So I stay one more night, for a pancake breakfast in the morning. Something about being around this family just seemed to straighten out my thinking ...wonder if I can get them to adopt me?

     It's odd to think that it's so nice here in Smallville when that tragedy happened to the Winchester family in Lawrence, KS, not so very far away!

3Bs visited Springfield
Movie Hodge Podge visited Q's lab for some Swag
Dead Man Dan(of Flying Monkeys) was a long distance call away from me in Gotham(and I never even knew!)
and we can only hope Cool and Collected will make it back from his trip to see some dinosaurs to do a final post for this week!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Witness to Lincoln Assassination on Game Show

This is a youtube find.  This man's last public appearance was on a game show about secrets.  In some ways it's sad to watch.  In other ways it's simply amazing to consider.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

State of the Hoard Address

   This week’s assignment from the League: State of the Site

     The first post of my blog went up on 7/19 of this year. So far, I am pretty pleased with hits, and surprised at what I have found to tralk about- the blog was actually just supposed to be a site for ther podcast but it's kind of mutated...

    I discuss:

     What I would like to see for the coming year is more interest in the Podcasts. I believe we as bloggers can distribute a podcast without bowing to the tyranny of ITunes. I believe we can create a world where we can get our media out there without sticking buggy software on our systems. I believe in the internet of tomorrow, where anyone can become a star just by being noticed, just like in the hollywood of legend.

     I'm happy for the readers I have, and hope I can get my message and my sense of fun out there to more in the coming months

    I'm Primordial Badger, and I approve of this blog

    " This is what Mr. Smith wants, this is what I want. I am Mr Smith" - Miles Massey in Intolerable Cruelty

Some of my league fellows had this to say:

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JoMi shows you the toys, but leaves the judgements on them to you
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Oh The Places You'll Go! gives us in depth examinations of street art and public radio
That Figures muses upon Stumble-In traffic and the mystery of what makes posts popular
Of Flying Monkeys and Ewoks Oh My! talks about his start and his changes for the future

Monday, October 8, 2012

League Assignment:Hallowe'en Costume Ideas

  This week’s assignment for the League: Halloween Costume Ideas

     I spent some time thinking about this(and getting it in just under the wire) and I was sad to realize that I don't really remember any of my costumes from Childhood. My mom has pictures, but none of the costumes I wore for Hallowe'en really stand out as solid memories. I have a vague memory of hearing my breath through a plastic mask. Feeling hot and uncomfortable. I remember my Nephews, and the year we made a robot costume for one of them (dryer vent tubing and a cardboard box...and silver paint)

     That's not to say I don't costume. I love to costume, and try to find any number of excuses to do so. Renaissance Faires, conventions...wanting to feel a little get the picture. I do remember one year I went out to a Hallowe'en party as an adult during a year when i wasn't seeing anyone. I took my longbow, my leather back-quiver, my moccasin boots, my laced up shirt, and my thick wool cloak. now, this party was indoors, and I recall this particular October as being possibly too warm for that cloak. That and there was a ton of drinking (not much of a drinker, never have been) and a pretty girl in a similar costume gave me a fake number...

     What would I do now for a costume? I still have some ren-faire gear that fits me, even at my current girth, but I like the idea I came up with last year, that I didn't use. dress in my normal clothes, and get a piece of cardboard. Write on the cardboard: "OCCUPY ___________'S Party"

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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Totally had to share this

Agent Phil Coulson in: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thors Hammer

this comment just killed me too

Monday, October 1, 2012

Another Month Gone by the Wayside

     So it's another month past here at the Burrow, home of the Hoard. I'm starting to get the feel of blogging and trying to get clear on the fact that I don't have to be on performance mode every time. I'm happy with stats, I would like the podcasts to get a few more downloads but they will catch on. I know they will. I have joined the League of Extraordinary Bloggers, and I am really liking the Challenge.

     The months top posts are:
  1. League Assignment : Star of the show!
  2. B-9...Hit...B-10...I sank I-Tunes
  3. This week’s assignment from the League: How to destroy the Death Star
  4. 11 months in the making...
  5. League Assignment: Star of the Show! (Sams version)
Look forward to seeing you all in October and beyond