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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Transformers 4 ***SPOILERS***


I am still able to feel a little shame over this

but only a little

all three cars are from Transformers: Age of Extinction
and yes, all three have spoilers

Crosshairs looks great with his split-toed boots and trenchcoat
we know that he is supposed to be an Autobot paratrooper

and we all know Bumblebee, this time as a '68 Camaro

Drift is a former Decepticon, turned Autobot with a Samurai aesthetic

Monday, June 23, 2014

Minibots Megapost

This post ended up being delayed by a change of lightbox midway through- you should see the changes
  Back in the 80s, the minibots were packaged in blister-packs- that is to say, a molded clear plastic "blister" on cardboard backing with artwork a lot like THIS:

Minibots and Deluxes are sold now in a more secure variation of blister packaging

They were cool, they were the least expensive, and they were fond memory makers. over time, some of these characters were remade, some countless times, and some got bigger. They evolved, they transformed(yep, said it)

Recently Hasbro gave some of the old minibots some love, and is still doing it. so I thought I would show some of what is out there from Hasbro and others

IGears versions of Beachcomber, Brawn, and Huffer

all three are very true to their G1 appearance, and very cool
Igears products are a joy to have, particularly with the bios they
add to the packaging
Bumblebee, Swerve, and Tailgate are new- Windcharger was from 2010
as part of the reveal the shield line, and was rare as hens teeth to find due to
under-ordering on his wave of toys

Swerve, the Motormouth from IDW comics

Oh, Bumblebee, you have been so many things, to so many people...

Also brought to you by IDW comics- Tailgate- who was originally a repaint of...

Windcharger, who I'm pretty sure was my first transformer
Cosmos- not this Cosmos

or this one

you have seen him before here

Warpath, upscaled from minibot to deluxe

and Powerglide- Hasbro just teased a new Powerglide, which may
replace this XTransbots version on my shelf

he made this list: (not 100% work-safe)

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

League Assignment: Shelf Expression

     At first I thought...well, I've done this. then I thought, well yes, but it could use an update, there is new stuff, and rearranged stuff, and so forth

     So here are the most significant shelves in my office

Me Grimlock say I NO NEED Matrix of leadership-Me Grimlock KING
The Masterpieces:
the TFWiki Defines a masterpiece transformer as: "a toyline of collector-focused toys that are mostly based upon characters from the Generation 1 cartoon, but manufactured with today's advanced engineering techniques. As a line aimed towards collectors, Masterpiece Transformers tend to be very expensive."

Primordial Badger agrees with that, but adds that there are third party transforming toys of a certain scale and level of engineering that deserve a spot up on that shelf too

     The Movies I grab most often, along with my favorite Binge watching seasons

(at this point in the narrative, my photography partner branched off onto his own shelf)

he sat still for this shot

It's not an art piece if it's got an edge

     My Swords, a Paul Chen, a Musashi, and a Cold Steel, along with my Grandfathers straight razor

and no way this would be complete without my luck toads

Nerdylifeofmine shows us an eerily tidy workspace
Revenge of the Toy Box shows us a thing or two about display
Cool and Collected is Monkeying around
Stunt Zombies has his favorites behind protective glass
Good Will Hunting for Geeks wanted to give us his whole flavor in one go
Midnight Monster Spookshow gives us a wall of MONSTERS
and Erik Johnson, Illustrator shows us treasured books