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Saturday, May 11, 2013

What Bird would you most want to have at your side in the zombie holocaust?

     Tango has learned a new trick. I got off work, went to go get him out of the room, and found he had managed to barricade the door with small stuff.

     I realize this doesn't sound like much of a barricade. A swing, some wood bits, a couple of plastic toys...

     But he wedged that stuff under the door, so it got caught between the door and the carpet. So I had to go around and enter the bedroom through the bathroom door. That would be...the Bathroom door where he waited in ambush. So I pass through that door, look at his blockade, and feel "THUMP" on the back of my neck as several ounces of bird make their very solid arrival.

     He looked pretty darned proud of himself

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