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Monday, July 7, 2014

Sleight of Hand

     I saw Transformers: Age of Extinction today, and I loved it. it had a great storyline, believable characters (with the possible exception of the white house chief of staff) and good development. It gives hints of where the next movie will go ( I suspect Quintessons as the Autobots secret "makers" {Spoilers}) and it shows that even a good 'Bot can get driven down by tragedy and betrayal.

     As a Transformers fan for most of my life, it is my secret shame...well, now my public shame, since I am publishing it, that TF4 was not my favorite movie I saw this weekend

That has to go to "Now You See Me"
In the film, a main character cautions us that the closer we look, the less we see. Another of the main characters asks the audience at their second show if the show is a collection of little tricks, or is the whole show one big trick...
     I tried to think back on my favorite parts of the movie and realized that it was all favorite parts. I was left feeling like I had just watched something akin to a cross between "The Illusionist", "The Usual Suspects" and a superhero Origin Story
     For the record, all Films referenced in this blog post are highly recommended by me, with the addition of one other, now I think of it- "The Prestige"
     In Somewhat related news, I am re-reading all 15 novels of "the Dresden Files" plus "Side Jobs" after finishing "Skin Game"-also highly recommended- Film Noir detective with a magical bent

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