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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Sound of the Thunder

     Brontosaurus means "Thunder lizard"- Apatosaurus means "Crappy Name Lizard"(not really, but what was he thinking with "Deceptive Lizard"???). There is a story- archaeological history, that tells us one simple thing. there was never a brontosaurus. In our hearts and our culture, however, we still revere all that the name evokes.

     Whatever he was, he was probably never a lizard, more of a proto-bird while Mr Darwin figured out what would fit to survive the extinction. For more about that, and Robert Bakkers other theories, see here, or just read "the Dinosaur Heresies"

     In 1985 (the year I graduated High School) Hasbro released Sludge. Robot to Brontosaurus was his game, and he was armed with:
  • "Energo-Sword", "Electron Cannon", "Rocket Pod", 3 rockets
     There are three good third party Sludge toys out there right now- (my opinion, and my price range)

But in the end I was won over by Hammers and Fangs

you no pat this saurus. 

you see him coming you'd better step aside...

I'd hammer in the morning and I'd hammer in the evening all over this land

Two guns, two hammers, but storage for only one in dino-mode

Groundshaker and Earthquaker

I had to turn my flash off to share the light-piping on him with you
it's so...pretty!

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