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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Apocalyptic Dreck

Quick post tonight, because I didn't get a chance to take any toy pics

     I watched a few minutes of  "the last man on earth" and I have to say...

The apocalypse redefines comedy, it appears. The old definition was something like: an event or speech which evokes a feeling of amusement or laughter". The post-apocalypse definition is something like "watching a sad, bearded weirdo amuse himself by destroying stuff while he slowly goes irrevocably insane"

    If there's any message in the show, it's that we are nothing without other humans to communicate with, to interact with, to civilize us. Sadly however that is lost in the morass of watching Phil stealing things he can't use and must abuse just because he can. There is a scene where he is eating and wipes his mouth with what is likely the original declaration of independence. His doormat is the presidential seal.

     And throughout, he is lonely. Profoundly and terrifyingly lonely.

     My verdict? I wouldn't watch it if  I were the last man on earth and it were the last show.



  1. I was fine with it till they introduced the woman .I cant stand Kristen Schaal.I have disliked everything she has ever had anything to do with.She alone doomed the show.

    1. as much as I watched of it, I got the impression she was intentionally abrasive, and not much blessed with any redeeming qualities.