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Thursday, April 30, 2015

On Relighting

     More coming this weekend, on Prep for the Age of Ultron, but for now I want to talk Lights

     The power system is called "Ansluta" and it allows you to daisy-chain up to 10 devices together in a string. I started with a couple of light bars called "Inreda"which didn't really work out right, and was being discontinued. the principle was sound, but the lights themselves didn't attach well to the shelves.

     Six days after my early birthday gift, my sister met me at Ikea and bought me some spots called "Omlopp"  as a gift.  I set them up, and this is the comparison.

Before, with "Dioder" (not compatible with Ansluta, and would require
a bunch of outlets)

Now, with "Omlopp" spotlights. Vast improvement- So far double-sided
 tape is proving mostly effective

You may notice some new stuff- Pics are coming

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