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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Of Soda and Feline Mortality

     I was out at Cost Plus imports picking up a 4-pack of this Divine Elixir and I came across this:

     And my first thought was a very articulate "huh" followed by "wonder how it tastes/why would it be different than other soda"

     And I realized: It was working. It was bringing up all kinds of questions in my mind, some rational and sane, others from farther afield...

     And so I marched up to the first person stocking shelves I found and asked him about it.

     Me:  "so I see there is a soda over there called 'Curiosity Cola'"
     Him: "yes"
     Me: "Would you be able to give that to cats?"
     Him: "Um. no, I don't think so."
     Me: "Because it would Kill them? Because it contains curiosity?"
     Him:(tentatively smiling)  " Ummmm. I guess so"
     Me: "I suspected as much. Thank you for verifying it"

     End result, he got a story to take home about the weird customer question, I got a blog post.

    Sadly, though the company that brews this Cocktail of proverbial feline imperilment has many interesting concoctions, none of them appear to contain the elusive satisfaction needed to make our fictional cat's trip to the other side anything other than unidirectional.

Chances are I will try on my next trip there, and perhaps others of their products (beverage-curious) but I will be sure to keep it away from any members of the family felidae

     Thanks for letting me wax literary yet again

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