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Monday, February 27, 2017

Round Robin Challenge - Ultimate Crossover Pictorial

A World-Colliding Prompt from The Toy Box and

And I thought... Who would make good foils for a buddy-crossover?
Who would you never expect to see together?

    Batman...He's worked with Extraterrestrials before, but never one who is more than meets they eye...

     So DC/IDW brings you BATMAN/OPTIMUS PRIME#1- Knights on the Streets of Gotham

This was released with THREE VARIANT COVERS!

Please note that my mocked up covers are in no way meant to infringe on DC, IDW, Hasbro or WB, unless they like the idea. then I am a genius

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  1. Love the new dynamic duo.... Hmmm are they going by Bat Prime or Optimus Man? :) Great team-up!

    1. Ha! Optimus Man...

      Nice concept Mr. Smith!