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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Deadliest Game...

     I have an old PDA, an Ipaq 1900 series. I use it to play mainly solitaire, so I'm not really fully utilizing it's capabilities or intended use. Sam wants to see it go (she's all about simplification) but I'm still resistant. Anyhow, I have a freeware version of Spider Solitaire installed there, and I just came across a much more challenging variation of the game

Conure Competitive Solitaire

     This is a game of intense strategy, Skill, Sleight of Hand, and acrobatic ability. You try to win the game by solving all the stacks down while simultaneously keeping the PDAs stylus out of the beak and feet of Tango as he maneuvers across your arms, chest and face. If he gets the stylus, he will attempt to take it from you completely so he can fully conquer it and try to shred the plastic and metal.

   There was a lot of Lingua Tango spoken and a lot of complaints about me palming the stylus so he couldn't get it. We both got a little exercise

     On a similar note, he spent several minutes trying to open the Velcro on my cellphone case. I was amused until I realized that if he masters the technology, how far is he from taking over the world? How many steps is it from opening that velcro, and dialing that phone to a world of Conure Tyranny, where the Hoomans are assigned to do nothing but scratch necks and cut up bell peppers so the conures can have the seeds? Not that that's a bad life, Per Se, but...we have aspirations! We still think we are the apex species!

" If you want a picture of the future, imagine a zygodactyl foot climbing on a human face—forever"


  1. " If you want a picture of the future, imagine a zygodactyl foot climbing on a human face—forever"

    I don't want to use my imagination on this one. I want a picture.

  2. well, She saw it, but she didn't have the camera available to take the picture. it wasn't forever, it just felt like it