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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Fifty Shades of Green part 2

Continuing Adventures with a Jealous Conure

  • the Grip of Iron: "you can't put me down if I don't let go". His feet are like steel springs

  • the Shrug: "ok, OK, you can put me back as soon as I...Stretch...These.......Wings........."

  • The Conure Lambada: Tango does a weaving, bobbing dance which is common to his species(Green Cheeked Conure). it's very ritualized with a lot of stalking back and forth

  • The Tunnel Rat: if there is anything to burrow under, he will burrow under it. Blankets, Papers, you name it. In addition though, if there is anything tunnel-like, he will investigate. Pant legs for instance. Bird claws on the back of the knee...
  • The Fleecing: I have a fleece blanket that is simulated alpaca and he loves it. He will roll around on his back in birdie ecstasy and groom the fleece

  • The Gandhi Bird: his mastery of passive resistance to being picked up would impress even that famous man. He just sits there, giving you the look that says "I'm right where I want to be...perhaps it is you that is out of place?" (he backs this up with the aforementioned Iron Grip)

  • The Crow: he loves shiny stuff, earrings, buttons, whatever you happen to be holding...

  • The Bird-Dog-Bird: as I walk around the room, he follows so he can be at the closest point to me at all times. When he grows his primary flight feathers back in, he shall be a terror of the earth
More to Come...

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