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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Goodwill Fail

You know a product is bad when 3 different people see you carrying it - and stop you to tell you it's not worth the cost.  Not even when it's at Goodwill at a third of the price on the store shelves.  Not even when Goodwill has their sticker price at half off.  "Not even for the batteries."  One woman said.

Because it seemed like the only thing to do, I lied to each woman and told them it was for an art project.  That is actually my answer to everything lately: 'It's for an art project.'  People get this look on their face - as if the ideas in their brain as to what the item is going to be used for are too alien now.  And they try to go from there, but just can't.  'It's for an art project.' I say.  They say, "Oh!  Of course!"  Their faces say, 'One of those people' and simultaneously, 'What the hell would you use that in a project for?', and 'Oh, how cool!'.

The item wasn't for an art project.  I was going to use the Ziploc Handi Vac to keep my food fresh.  Got home, tried it out.  It did what it advertised: suck air out of the bag.  End of story.  Only, now, it's for an art project.  

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  1. Oh, of course! (one of those people)

    (what the hell would you use that in a project for?)