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Friday, July 27, 2012

To Netflix or Not to Netflix

     I'm driving myself crazy over this.  I love video streaming.  But I also love free stuff.  Netflix is not free.  And, yes, at only $8.00 for a month it seems like a good value.  But. . . not sure how long it's going to take me to watch all the movies on my to-watch list.  And, really, do I want to get back into having a 'must watch' mentality?  I like being able to turn the computer off mid-show and go to bed, clean the grout from the tub, play with the birds.  (Okay, truth, only one of those things usually happens.)
     On the flip side I do have a list of movies I want to see.  Greedy me with my guilty pleasures in different languages, space aliens and health documentaries.  I love that stuff!  And, really, unless I want to shell out $20 plus per movie Netflix is the best way to go.
     But . . . it is Netflix.  And I really hate their comments system.  And their rating system doesn't thrill me either.  *Sigh*  And it costs.  It's not free like Hulu.  What does Hulu have that Netflix doesn't have?  Lifetime movies.  And Hulu's free.  But I have this list, see. . . 


  1. Just do it. Trust me, its worth it.

  2. Denise, Sunday morning making soap and going to mom's......loved the stories and the pictures!!!