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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Entree Versus Dessert

     In the movie "Music and Lyrics" ( Romantic Comedy, possible Chick Flick, and I don't care) the two leads compare songs to food- that pop songs are like dessert, fun but not really meaning anything. The Song he Writes at the end, to win her back, she describes as "dinner"

     I feel like that about my blog posts- some of them are dessert, some nothing but a candy bar, and some are probably a handful of tic-tacs. Some of them are a full entree, and are there to evoke deep thoughts, and possibly to inspire you to do something creative too. They are not always going to be funny, but you'll know when I dirty a few pans putting one together

     Interesting fun slightly related fact- Sam can cook an entire meal and use one pan and like a pair of chopsticks. I can boil water and dirty every dish in the house. She is an endless mystery to me, and I fear her powers. It's even worse now that she got those two rings, the green one and the one with elvish writing on it...

     Dirtied: approximately one sauce pan, a cheese grater, and that thing Sam calls a "zester"

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