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Monday, May 5, 2014

My Life as a Drug Addict

     It started with Excedrin...I used to live on those little things for constant Tension headaches. And Bronkaid. used to gobble down about three of those a day, until they started becoming harder to get, (because it turns out you can make meth out of them plus a host of awful stuff). Supplements like Echinacea, Myrrh, Goldenseal... I took a lot of those

     Then my wife(my then wife) convinced me that I should go to the doctor. I trotted myself down to a clinic, and they revealed, via a battery of tests that I had the Diabeetus, plus High Blood pressure, Iron Defieiency Anemia, and the Mythical High Cholesterol. To combat these, they addicted me to Metformin(they tried to get me hooked on Glipizide but it didn't take), Lisinopril/Hydrochlorothyazide, Iron Pills and Pravastatin (I tried for pradastatin, but walmart doesn't have designer drugs).

     For my asthma, they gave me a prescription for Albuterol in a rescue inhaler . this worked out well until that particular drug dropped off the generic drug radar(read as: your pusher just upped his price). so I moaned, and I raged, and bought my now $60 inhaler and nursed it to the very gates of perdition, long past the time when the counter on the inhaler has gone from 0 to "really??" to "are you still trying to breathe through this thing?"

     So I thought...Albuterol Pills! Wlamart Pharmacy has them on the generic $4 list! If the doctor will just give me a prescription, all will be good.

     This is what I discovered.....while the pills are affordable, Walmart does not neccessarily expact anyone to come looking for them

so they do not stock them
and look a little puzzled at your request
and that while the pills help stop asthma attacks, ordering and waiting for them, and checking when the pharmacy tells you they will be in does not stop asthma attacks, and may in fact cause them
all this drama to explain why I have been lax in posting. Because among all the other things I am addicted to, one of them happens to be...
posts should now resume as normal unless life interferes again

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