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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Wrecking, Autobot Style

File:Wreckers symbol.png

     About the Wreckers, the TFWiki says: "The Wreckers are a special task force, generally composed of the best and the toughest die-hard fighters around. Its ranks include a veritable who's-who of the obscure; mechs you've never heard much about, mostly because the Wreckers are often called in to fight when the odds of success are slim. Bluntly, they tend to burn through their roster at a frightening rate. The Wreckers are a close-knit group that's more concerned with bursting in, guns-blazing, and doing their Thing, than they are concerned with, say, strategy. Despite their disregard for planning and the bodycount their team mounts, the Wreckers are amazingly successful. If it's a lost cause, the Wreckers will be there, winning the day with sheer guts and determination."

     I love them as a concept, and as a team through their many incarnations- here I have posted mostly g1/generations style, what I have of the team to date. Rest assured, reader, that I am waiting impatiently for the day masterpiece Ultra Magnus joins their ranks; some of them have been featured here before, but here they are again, ready to wreck, to rule and to generally make the Decepticons have a bad day

just an innocent and diverse group of vehicles, don't mind us

Sure, but I have seen more guns mounted on cars
at walmart
color scheme by G1 racing car Lancia Stratos

he looks a little like the tumbler
the old timer

What do you mean your SUV didn't come
with a standard wrecking ball and
battering ram?

just an innocent group of hovercraft, construction equipment and helicopters

he used to transform into just another helicopter
this crazy Dune Buggy/VTOL transformation,
I like it better

he used to be a minibot- this is the movie line
update, but I think he fits in fine

as I believe I have mentioned before...
his guns are tinier men
and Whirl- blue, cyclopean, sociopathic...

ready to tear it up
Bulk and Jack

one if by land, two if by sea
Seaspray and Scoop

I believe they can fly-Whirl and Sandstorm

"Age before beauty, you beryllium bozos"
Kup steals the scene from Roadbuster and Springer

and I helped- mostly by not hindering, and playing "drop"with my
own toy

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