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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Stahma- I love you, but do not TRUST you

     I watched the first season of Defiance with eagerness, and when  it came back, I looked forward to it again. It's very much sci-fi meets western frontier, not unlike Firefly. Familiar themes, interesting characters...a lot of more adult themes( the town brothel is known as the "NeedWant")

     So, a quick rundown, if you have not watched; Defiance takes place on Earth, but an earth that has been invaded by and made peace with several alien races, collectively known as Votans. Their ships crashed, they have nowhere else to go, so Earth and the Votans have both changed and adapted. In addition, the Earth has been Unterraformed(since to terraform would be to make a world more earthlike) so we have new shapes to the terrain, new creatures in the wild, and so forth.

     That's all I really want to say about the show itself for now. You have the power of the internetz if you want to know more. What I want to talk about is character.

     For me, far and away the stand out character of season 2 is Stahma Tarr

     Portrayed by the lovely british actress Jaime Murray, known to me for Warehouse 13 and Dexter(season 2), the Makeup and effects wizards at SyFy changed this

into this: 

What words would I use to describe her? She has been compared to Lady Macbeth, but I think that is too shallow a description. 

Beautiful...elegant...demure...graceful...deferential...subtle...treacherous...insidious...devoted ...

The list could go on far past your point of patience. Suffice to say- when she graces the screen in Defiance...don't make an enemy of her. She is not interested in keeping an enemy around for very long. And she is not always easy on her friends either

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