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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Putting Bones to Rest


If you are a bones fan and have not watched the first episode of season 10
I make no more warnings or apologies-proceed at your own peril

     I have been a faithful watcher of Bones up to now- the following is my farewell letter to the show, and why I can't see it any more

     It's not the gore, it's not the graphic depictions of human remains. I have not grown a late-life queasy gut. It is that they threw away a character they had been developing over season after season for what seems to me to be a cheap moment of Pathos

Let me pause for a second to add that this is my perception, and mine alone...but I am the one writing this, so it's my opinion we'll be hearing

     Dr Lance Sweets- why the hell did I call him Coulson? We'll cover that. Sweets Dies in the first episode of season 10,, and I was...unmoved. I loved Sweets's character development, over the course of his time on the show. So why was I unmoved? Because they threw him away. They set up a situation where he had vital evidence he was bringing back, and someone ambushed him. Reasonable. did they need to kill him off? No, not really. I'm calling shenanigans and bad storytelling, and this is why. Shortly before they killed him off, they revealed that he was going to be a father.

     They played the daddy card, which when played in a hand with the widowed mommy card jerks the heartstrings of most of the audience members. If they have an ounce of human feeling left. Or unless they can see through the storytelling to see the cheap trick behind it

     Now the story behind the actors departure is that he is moving on to other projects- fine and dandy (or fine, but maybe not dandy) I can respect that, and an actor moving on to the next phase of his career

     Here is my problem, in a nutshell- they did it before, with Vincent Nigel-Murray. It's like a group of writers were sitting around saying "What do we do? Kill someone? get someone pregnant? Hey, what if we..."

     Here is my problem, in another nutshell

     Seen it before, and done better- Dr Lance Coulson...ok, Agent Phil Coulson- the difference being that Coulsons death in "the Avengers" serves a purpose and unites a fragmented team. Sweets Death serves no such narrative purpose, and as such, seems a desperate ploy. 

     They could have just made Sweets last words "sorry boss, the guy rabbited" and had done with it.

     Also, on the subject, Fury arriving to hear Coulsons last words before the medical team arrives makes sense, since Fury found him...I'm still not sure why Booth and Brennan arrived before the damn ambulance for Sweets


     Bye, Bones- I will find another show to fill that time we spent together. I'm a little sad, but I'm not going to give in to pity-watching you

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