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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Floored by a Flightless Seabird

     I have been watching Gotham from the first episode, and have been semi-impressed.

     Let me give a little background- back a trio of years ago, Once Upon A Time started up, and my feelings were complicated- I felt that there was no mystery- or very little- of who most of the characters were- that rather than going for the slow reveal, it was all out there in our faces. yet somehow, Once Upon A Time has kept jumping the shark and making me look forward to a bigger shark. it's kept me coming back for more, and pretty eagerly.

     So along came Gotham...and, yep, we figured out that Selina "Cat" Kyle is going to be Catwoman. We had an intimation that Edward Nygma would be the Riddler. No mystery there. And we are treated to a Penguin with what appears to be such psychopathically poor impulse control that he caused this sentence to begin with a conjunction (which is apparently OK).

     Episode 7- Penguin's Umbrella changed all that. 


     In the pilot, James Gordon (honest cop) is convinced under threat of harm to his fiance' to execute Oswald Cobblepot for the mob boss Falcone- Gordon fires his gun next to the Penguins head and tells him to disappear, never come back to Gotham. Which lasts...not very long- Cobblepot is back, slinking around the city and trying to create advantages for himself by ingratiating himself with rival boss Maroni. We are left with the impression that the very presence of this whack-job murderous Penguin is a danger to Gordon

     In Episode 7, we find out that the Penguin asked Falcone to have Gordon be his killer, because Gordon might spare him. And in return, the Penguin will be gathering information for Falcone. In other words...poor impulse control or no, The Penguin is pulling a whole puppet show's worth of strings behind the scenes. 

     I'm not gonna lie- my jaw dropped, I leaned in close to my screen and said "what the...hell???" Never saw it coming. Now I'm eagerly awaiting the next episode. And my Semi-Impressed got a whole lot more impressed

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