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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Why the Plastic Bubble??

     Way back in the old days of 2012, I did a post for the League of Extraordinary Bloggers about  my plastic bubble. There was a story behind the post that was never told...

     My Then Wife, now Ex- Wife and Roommate made a comment that I viewed the world through a "plastic bubble". I do, and I admit it- and I think it is not neccessarily a bad thing. Furthermore, I am influenced at times by the plastic monkey, detailed here. So to stave off his attacks, I can shop, or I can handle odd stuff from my collection...take pictures of it...write odd things about it. So the Plastic Bubble Protects me from the world, the world from me, and my wallet from the monkey on my back.

     The effects of a plastic monkey on ones back are many and varied, and they are both beneficial and less so. I recall one day I was talking with someone on the phone when I looked up and realized...

so with my blood pressure slightly elevated, I started calculating the length of the phone cord and what it would take to get to him safely. And I could not be done. I could not ease him out from behind Bumblebee without a very practical lesson in how few Autobots can fly.
     You bet I fixed it as soon as that phone hit the hook. Did you have to ask??
     On the other hand, I have access to fascinating knowledge about my collectables, and what they represent. If I need patience and understanding, I pick up Optimus as a reminder to be overflowing with the Energon of cybertronian kindness. If I need Cold ruthless logic, Shockwave comes down from storage. If I need daring...Springer- and so forth.
     So I'm a boy in a plastic bubble(not this boy), of my own making. Rather than be trapped in a world I never made, I get to be at home and comfy in one I did make. I have a plastic bubble. If you don't have a bubble you might want to look into forming one- I highly advise it. It's nice in here
more pix coming soon

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