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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Hunger Games

      To start off- full disclosure #1: this post is being written on my android tablet.

      Full disclosure #2: this is entirely from my perspective, and the other dramatis personae involved probably feel very different

      Full disclosure #3: I'm still kind of pissed that I got charged more than double what I normally pay for an office visit with my doctor's office

       So ya ever have one of those weeks where your body decides to flip you the bird and say " you're not 20 anymore" ? I just had one. It started with feeling simultaneously hungry and bloated, and wound up with me being woken every 4 hours with what felt like sudden, intense hunger pain in my right side just below my ribs. And it wouldn't go away until I fed it.

     My research online pointed to either gallbladder or ulcer.

     Oh, full disclosure #4: I am having teeth issues and taking far more aspirin than should be consumed

     So- to speculate, ulcer seemed to me more likely.

     I hauled my sick and disgruntled ass to the doctors- not my usual physician, she was booked to March. This doctor was the head of the practice. He came in,talked to me,, probed my side, biopsied my wallet, and decided I needed an ultrasound. He did recommend omeprazole for possible acid issues.

      So where I am today. I made a fast change to my diet and eating intervals, started a run of omeprazole and cut aspirin completely. I am no longer waking with gut pain in the night, so so far so good.

      Back to fun posts soon

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