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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Remember, My Son

.....To use your powers for good, not evil.

         Last night we were doing laundry, and I took my android tablet along with me, because I thought maybe the laundry offered free wi-fi to customers (I was wrong) what I did find, searching for hot spots, was a printer, unpassworded.

.....and I thought....

........and I chuckled........

but finally resisted the urge to send it something like:

"HELP! I'm being held prisoner in a toner cartridge!"

     Years ago, I had in my library a book by comedian Alan King which played upon a similar joke. A man opens a fortune cookie in a restaurant to find a message stating "Help! I'm being held prisoner in a chinese bakery!"

     I'm not sure if I ever read the book, and I'm sure I was too young to appreciate the satire, but the title stuck with me, and the situation. Sort of a low tech prank phone call. My only ever Prank call was to a record store on east Colfax- I asked if they had "Pete Townsends Chinese Eyes", the clerk went to check, reported that yes, they did.

     "Well, give them back, he can't see."
     My older sister was complicit in that, by the way. The statute of limitations ran out on this a long time ago, but I hope the clerk got a chuckle.

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