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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Ultra Magnificent

     Way back in the good old days of December 2013, I said this about TFPrime Beast Hunters Ultra Magnus:

"Almost every toy of Ultra Magnus has been a re-mold
or a repaint of Optimus Prime, but this one is by far my favorite (until he gets a good
mold of his own)"

     That time has come: But since I can't do anything the simple way, I'm going to give a little timeline first. Major points(in my estimation) only

  • 1986: Hasbro releases Ultra Magnus in his G1 incarnation. He is a white Optimus Prime cab with a car carrier style trailer that turns into his battle armor. it is fairly innovative, and cool, for the time. Gallery courtesy of Seibertron
  • 2005: Takara/Hasbro releases Masterpiece Ultra Magnus. He is a white Optimus Prime, no trailer, and shows what happens if you wash your masterpiece transformers on non-prime-safe bleach. Thanks again, Seibertron
  • 2007: A two pack is released under the name Battle for Autobot City which contains Skywarp and Ultra Magnus; Ultra Magnus is a white repaint of Classics Optimus Prime. Gallery via Seibertron
  • 2007: Titanium Ultra Magnus is released and has a transformation that does not include a "robots disguised as Optimus Prime" feature. Again, Seibertron
  • 2008: Transformers Animated Ultra Magnus is a unique mold, a heavy tactical truck who wields a war-hammer in Robot mode. Seibertron, with another gallery
  • 2012: TF Prime gave us Voyager Ultra Magnus- a unique mold with some big issues: it was mainly an upscale of the cyberverse version, so they took a little figure and upsized it. it cam out with an innovative transformation, but really weak and floppy shoulder joints
More pics here

More pics here
  • 2013: TF Prime Beast hunters went back to the tradition of recoloring Optimus into Magnus, but they did do some remolding as well. I have talked about him before, and he is above with the original one
  • 2013: TF Prime also gave us Platinum Ultra Magnus, a remold/recolor of Weaponizer Optimus Prime. he is built around a big gimmick and the transformation suffers Back to you, Seibertron
  • 2013: big year for Magnus, I know- we got Fall of Cybertron Ultra Magnus in the generations line. he was a recolor/remold of Optimus, and both figures suffered from the same issue: they were too damn small: both in deluxe size, and just sad against what these leaders should have been

  • 2014: Takara releases Masterpiece Ultra Magnus, Based off the MP10 Optimus Prime, but with a One Piece transformation, not a Prime-in-a-Box battle suit. Very tempting, but I passed on it in favor of the next- Gallery again by Seibertron
  • 2015: Hasbro releases Combiner Wars Ultra Magnus. he is two things- Minimus Ambus at his core, Pure Ultra Magnus on the outside- he Homages the IDW comics version of the character

here are some Size Comparisons- Tango wonders why he is being used as an example

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