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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Cardians of the Galaxy

     In a post earlier this year, I mentioned that I skipped the toys from Guardians of the Galaxy because they did not fit with my collection.

     Then I saw a Hot Wheels car, and HE WAS GROOT.

     These cars by Mattel are not supposed to be the cars the characters drive, they are cars inspired by, and symbolic of the characters. Or possibly their incarnations in the world of Cars...but probably not.

     Anyway, you know me, and I ended up with all five of these.

Starlord- the photo doesn't shnow this detail but the orb is on his back deck,
under the rear window
Gamora- there is some subtle pin-striping on the sides
Drax- his tattoos have texture, and he has knives in his truck-bed
Rocket- with raccoon ears and fur
And Groot is designed as a car hauler for him

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