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Tuesday, August 4, 2015


     Last night, I went and sat up in the garage, and I took Tango in his travel cage. We opened the door, to let the breeze in. It was cool, a little overcast, and nice. Sam took Sid up, and we had a very mellow time, despite the fact that I was worried over missing clothes (which turned out not to have made it into Sunday's laundry because I'm an eedjit)

     And then...Sam made a suggestion, a terrible, frightening suggestion-Let Tango out of his travel cage. And I did it.

 At this point I am going to pause the narrative and say simply that nothing bad happened.
     He climbed out, scampered up onto me, perched on my hand, and just stayed on me. Sid tried to come over and I had to do some quick bird shifting, because Tango will go David on Sid's Goliath if given the chance, and if his territory(me) is encroached upon.
     When the breeze blew, Tango shielded himself in my hand. When the butterfly went by, he tensed, because you know you can't trust those fluttery bastards. he watched a blackbird about 40-50 feet up and just cruising. When he started to get tense, we wrapped it up and went back downstairs.
I trusted him to stay with me, and he trusted me to protect him from the big bad world out there.
He trusted me to stay with him, and I trusted him to protect me from the big bad world out there.
     It was a special, magical moment between us. I normally use the travel cage like one would use a leash(because the attempt to put a harness on Tango did not go well) for his safety outside. But it is a nice feeling to know that he wants to stay on Daddy. 

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