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Tuesday, September 1, 2015


     I have come to realize that the exotic bird trade is legalized and institutionalized slavery. When a Parrot is sold, it puts a sensitive, sentient creature, with real emotions and intelligence in servitude to the amusement of another being.

     It leaves an intelligent being to be cared for, or discarded when they are of no more use.

     It takes a free creature, one who is meant to prosper and be independent, and makes it the property of another. Subject to the whims and manipulations that that creature designs. 

     Whenever a parrot is sold, a human being becomes it's slave. There oughtta be a law, I tell ya. Or Charlton Heston chewing the scenery about "Damn, Dirty Parrots"

     This public service announcement was written with Tangos permission and forbearance. He lets me get away with a lot, because it amuses him.

     Now, seriously; the original idea for this post came up on August 26th, which is National Dog Day. So I went looking for National Bird day, and I find...this. Which is mostly negative about people keeping birds. Clearly, Humans who are companions to birds need to organize better. Sure, Dogs are one of mankind's favorite inventions, but so are Companion birds. And both can be, and often are, mistreated. Without getting too preachy, we need to be better to every living thing on this planet, birds, beasts and each other. And we need a good bird day.

     Yep, I did say inventions; we have bred dogs into a bunch of different sizes and shapes, just like we have bred colors and behaviors not found in the wild into Parrots. What we call captive bred birds are closer to wild than modern dogs are, but many are hand-raised with an inherent trust and desire for human friends. Tango picked me, folks.

Apparently World Parrot day is May 31
There is also a certain delicious irony in scheduling National Dog Day for a time when traditionally dogs go mad.

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