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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Farewell for now, Castle and Beckett

     I watched the series finale of Castle...finally, like a week later than I could have. Because I guess I was a little afraid to say goodbye.

     Watching the finale, I know they weren't ready to say goodbye either.

     Now, understand I don't pretend to know someone's mind, but I know stories. And I gotta say, yes, they concluded the LokSat storyline, but then they tagged on the "seven years later" epilogue.

     It felt rushed. It was a good, happy farewell to Castle and becket, but it left some things unwrapped. I would have liked to see Ryan, Espo, Martha, Alexis in the Idyllic little family scene with Castle & Becket + three kids.

     As endings go, it wasn't the best.

     It also was not the worst.

     I have seen some finales that were either no finale, or a direct middle finger, defiantly thrust upward at the viewer. Not a satisfying wrap up, but a bitter breakup instead.

     So I will let Castle and his family lie in their happy-ever-after until I collect all the DVD seasons and then visit them again. They ended their story true to the promise and premise they had built for 8 seasons.

     Castle and Beckett- Always...

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