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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Feel My FURY!

     I watched a movie last week, called Fury. I had wanted to see it for some time, and I am happy I saw it...once.

     Don't get me wrong at all. This was a good movie, but hard to watch

     What this movie is not:

  • it is not a Marvel Studios Prequel about the father/grandfather of Nicholas J. Fury in WWII
  • a charming goofball comedy about a group of anthropomorphic animals who drive a tank in WWII(that would be "Furry")
     What this movie is: 
  • a gritty, dirty, brutal movie about tank warfare
  • A reason to look at Saints and Soldiers as being positively cheery by comparison (and you know I never ever exaggerate)(hardly ever) (OK, I do)
     I'm not going to go into the plot. you can read that via the link, or see the movie, if you like. What the movie made me feel was... tired...weary. No elation, just sadness at all the deaths. There is a scene(spoiler alert) where the crew takes a town and you see them pass murdered and displayed German townspeople, killed because they were "cowards" or refused to let their children fight for the Nazi cause. In the town, most of the "soldiers" are young boys and girls in half assembled uniforms, pressed into service. (End Spoiler)

     What I learned...
     Well, Tank Warfare was brutal and strategic. The German forces had more powerful, more advanced tanks, but based upon what I saw here, it looks like the US was able to manufacture and field more of their own. Or maybe just Germany was at the end of it's resources in 1945. Tank Crews had to be a completely cohesive unit with no dissension, and no hesitation. The front lines are no place for moral objections to killing.

Oh, and tracers look like lasers, and are very cool on screen. 

     If you see it, you may have a completely different reaction than I did. 

     Side note- I mentioned the movie to my father, a WWII vet from the US navy. He pointed out that the war ended, and the world just kept on fighting everywhere. He's not wrong. 


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