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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

It Was Over Way Too Fast

     Please pause for my fanboy geek-out moment. I will be right with you.


     Thank you. So I got up this morning and watched the season Premiere of the Flash on my tablet. (thank you, CW App) See my quick review above. Spoilers below, so be ye warn-ed, matey.

     Rather than picking up right after season 1's cliffhanger, they pick up six months later. Barry is alone, having pushed his team away for their protection. He is debating whether to go to the celebration in his name, where the Flash would be given the key to the city. He is mourning both Eddie Thawne and Ronnie Raymond, who perished while stopping Eobard Thawne, and feeling that he failed, because while he saved the city, he lost two friends. Joe, Cisco, Iris are hovering around him, but giving him Space.

     Barry decides to attend the ceremony, and who else should attend but a new metahuman, Atom Smasher- A hero most times in DC continuity, but not here- here he has come to destroy the Flash, for a Mysterious reason. With the help of his team, who decide Barry has had enough space, and Joe, who decides to stop taking "no" for an answer, they defeat the "meta of the week"

     And with his dying word, Atom Smasher identifies the Big Bad of the Season..."Zoom..."

Who could it be?
 could it be  
probably not- probably this guy.

there is more than one reverse flash, you see. and we have seen this one, so far, and he may not be dead everywhere, it turns out.

     But that's not the payout on this episode. "Harrison Wells" leaves S.T.A.R. labs to Barry, and a confession that frees Henry Allen from prison. Henry rides off into the sunset so Barry can be all he needs to become, promising to return if needed

Still not the payout.


is the payout

SQUEEE indeed. looking forward to next week.

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