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Saturday, October 24, 2015


Good morning- I took a trip down the rabbit hole last night into Pixar Theories

I watches some interesting videos by SuperCarlinBrothers, all very worth a look, but this one got me thinking about Creations...the ones who destroy their creators

     If you remember The Incredibles, Mr Incredible rejects Buddy as a sidekick. Buddy then chooses to turn himself into Syndrome, to destroy his obsession and all other Supers, even down to the idea of Superior powered people. What connects for me here is the fact that he decides to do it by pulling a Hank Pym-more on that anon. Syndrome/Buddy builds the Omnibot- a nigh unstoppable automaton that gets more unstoppable with every iteration/upgrade. test against a super, improve, retest, until you test it against your ultimate nemesis-Mr Incredible. Here is the self defeating part of Syndomes plan. if you build a bot smart enough to overcome and adapt to anything...what makes you so sure YOU can stop it? Because he can't. It takes away his remote control, and his ability to shut it down, leaving the Incredibles to stop it.

     I promised you Hank Pym. not the movie Pym, but the Comics Pym, with all his brilliance and F-ed up mindset. He was the creator of Ultron, who rose to try to destroy his "father" through a series of upgrades. Pym also created a robot to battle the Avengers and make himself a hero by stopping it. This was after he got in trouble and was facing a court martial, so the robot was sort of his get out of jail free card. When I started this post I had the two events crossed up in my mind, but I got muh dern facts straight, pilgrim. Pym also suffered from a severe inferiority complex, leading to multiple personalities and impulsive behavior. If the Hulk, as Stan Lee suggested was the Hyde to Banners Jekyll, Pym might be our Frankenstein.

     So...Doomsday. Nietzsche said what doesn't kill you strengthens you. With Doomsday, whatever kills you makes you  immune to being killed that way when you come back. A scientist named Bertron set a cloned child loose in the harsh prehistoric Kryptonian environment, where he sank into the swamp. (sorry- monty python moment) The child was killed, but his remains were used to clone a stronger version. That one burned down,fell over, then sank into the swamp.(ditto). Lather, rinse,repeat, over and over, until you have a lifeform that can be killed, but never twice by the same thing. Evolved immunity, evolved invulnerability, and hates everything. He is best known for killing Superman in a knockdown, drag out fistfight.

     And this all made me think of the modern Prometheus, Frankenstein. He built a man intended to be a new Adam out of stolen corpses, and found that when he succeeded in instilling life, he couldn't stand the sight of his creation. He hated what he had wrought, and the monster turned against him as well. I connected Pym to him above, as I believe may have been intended by the Ultron storyline. 

     It's the oft-told tale of man's hubris, daring to steal fire from the gods. Daring to meddle in things science shouldn't touch. It's an old morality story.

     There is a quote bouncing around, I am unsure of the original attribution.

It goes something like this:

"Intelligence is knowing Frankenstein wasn't the monster; Wisdom is knowing he was."

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