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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Fan Theory

     I've been watching Once Upon a Time since season 1, through all it's twists and turns and mythology-building. I have been a fan of the way it takes old and new Disney works, gives them a good dusting, and lights them in new and exciting ways. It shines new light on old villains and lets us see them...human. In season 5, we got the Sword in the Stone crossed with Brave.
     So season 6, it's time to go further, and bolder.
     Friends and readers, I submit my candidate for the season 6 opening.
     First, the foreshadowing setup from the end of season 5. As Emma is changing out the battery on her volkswagen, she comes across a picture she hasn't seen before. It's a family, father, mother, 2 daughters, on a beach. The father is playing a ukulele. From the bushes, a silhouette views her. We see an enlarged head, large, sensitive ears. Just before the scene goes black for the season we see... antennae...?

   For season 6, the opening logo is...

   OHANA is coming

 I'm not going to reveal any major plot points except to tease that after the mid-season break is the two night crossover:

remember that you heard it here first, true believer. EXCELSIOR!

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