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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Behind the Toys-The Tales we Keep

     As I mentioned in my post about the Bloggess-Sometimes we value things for the stories behind them. A cool Collectible is cooler because of the story that goes with it- it gives Context, Meaning, and History- it's the archaeology of our collections, and even our lives. We are more than mere flesh, for we are a living history and a series of unique experiences, subjective to ourselves.

     There is a commercial out for Star Wars Battlefront on Playstation, where the man starts the Commercial holding an ancient and very battered Kenner R2D2 toy, and remembering Lightsaber fights with flashlights...

     I try to express the context of what my toys mean to me. Like Tracks, UltraMagnus, Summanus, Superion, Bumblebee, JetfireSwoop, Blitzwing, Skids, Jetwing Optimus, even TV and Movie Cars

     I think in the coming months, I am going to focus even more on that- on the stories that make up who I am and why I think that crazy shit. On De-Mythifying Mr Smith. Because we all have those stories- and if I tell mine, maybe you will remember yours.

     I have a tank- Hailstorm- not a toy I would have bought myself, but it's the one my Dad picked for me the year he bought transformers for the "boys" (who were all grown-ass men). I Have Windcharger -Special because I really really wanted the figure, which was rare, and I found it at Ross for $5. You have things like this too. It may be a lucky shirt, a wallet, a watch. But it has a value of history to you that is priceless.

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