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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Gamble Armies

     Just an odd term I conjured in a dream. The me I was in the dream was told not to bring/add to his "gamble armies" referring to gaming miniatures or tokens. I woke from this dream with the memoriy of this phrase and searched it... nothing. Looks like it was original recipe me. The usage was something like "don't bring your little gamble armies over here".
     Dreams are fascinating, how we interpret the random stuff in our minds into little snippets or in some cases glorious, serial mythologies. I have visited, and revisited on different nights places in dreams that I recognize but know that they do not exist in the waking world.
     I once had a series of dreams where I was unearthing things I had buried because we were moving and I didn't want them found by anyone else. I would have the dream, a few nights later, the same one, or a continuation.
     There are relaxed, simple dreams, fighting dreams, running dreams, running dreams that turn into fighting dreams, sexy dreams, frustration dreams, freak-me-the-hell-out dreams...
     Oh, and work dreams... not a fan. I work hard all day, assisting people. I like it, but that doesn't mean I necessarily want to encounter the same problems when I am catching some Z's. I can say that at least one insoluble issue from the day before I woke up with a working solution.
     I guess I will bring my damn gamble armies anywhere I darn well please.

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