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Saturday, July 23, 2016

The Titans Have Returned

     I'm always excited for new transformers- that being said I have also mentioned being dubious about Headmasters(or now "Titanmasters"). No need to restate that here, when you can just read or re-read the prior post.

    So I heard that this year was going to be all about Titanmasters with mixed anticipation and trepidation. Hasbro and Takara were going to headmaster characters who never were headmasters in the first place. So now that I have some of them in hand,...
Enough Said

     So I first ordered Sentinel Prime and Galvatron on July First, and they shipped from BBTS. In the meantime, I found Wheelie, Rewind, and Stripes at Walmart. Stripes and Rewind I am impressed with, they managed to make triple-changer cassettes, and they will hit these pages when I can post them with Blaster. 

     Wheelie...He was the Jar-Jar Binks of the 1986 transformers movie. He was a Kid appeal, character, an Orphaned and abandoned transformer child. And he spoke in rhyme. ABOMINATION!
So, I never had his G1 figure, ended up with the classics legends figure by happenstance, and got the GDO import Wheelie because he was on the peg and I had spare cash. Never a Wheelie fan. not Cartoon Wheelie, nor Bay Wheelie

     Hasbro got this right. He's awesome. My Friends at Pax Cybertron(who I am ecstatic to see back from Sabbatical) gave us a good video review

there is even room for a driver in here, or an accessory-

     So Wheelie arrived before Sentinel, so did Blurr. 

     Now I happen to have gotten a Blurr figure that I really like, and was happy with. I still am happy with it. But this version is an easy transform, and ridiculously fun. He has been on my desk every day for 2 weeks. has taken Overclocking's place on the classics shelf(moving Overclocking up to the masterpiece shelf- No tears, gentle readers- he is in a better place) Pax Cybertron again gave a us a good video review. His Titanmaster is Hyperfire

     Sentinel Prime was one I was excited about, and am pleased with. His shuttle mode kind of looks like the G1 Ark. His Titanmaster is Infinitus. Oh, and Galvatron will show up a different day

Fifteen cars, fifteen restless riders...

      Hardhead has hit this blog before, courtesy of Toyworld, but the Hasbro version has a ton of charm, too, His Titanmaster is Furos

I just wanted to show them my cannons...
One of the tricks of the Titan masters is that the heads are interchangeable, to give different looks and different abilities to the transformer. 

     Tango is waiting on Hasbro to release the Parrotmaster transformers. Maybe next year Tango...

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