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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Unreliable Pets

     A couple of weeks ago, my pet disappeared for a weekend- when he came back, he was behaving oddly, and not seeing well. 

     I put up with it, because that is the kind of being I am. Magnanimous.

     This last Monday, he made some cough-ey noises and disappeared again for a day. Now that he is back, he is tired and has a snake on his face, which he will not let me remove. 

     I blame Sam. I'm starting to regret letting him keep her. Sure, she amuses Cappy and the other birds, but at what cost? I can't have her interfering in our relationship. 


       .....I found that as a new draft. Amazingly, my keyboard still has all keys. He must have really had a point to make.

     So Monday, I had a bad coughing fit, after a weekend of severe congestion. My color dropped severely, and Sam called paramedics. what they found in the emergency room was I was not getting enough air. No Pneumonia, just severely stressed lungs, likely because of irritant factors in the air and from a backed up pipe we had to deal with. So I am spending a few days on an oxygen concentrator machine and with oxygen tanks. to ease my lungs a bit. They gave me antibiotics, steroids, and hours of comedy central in the hospital with only scattered nurses and doctors to engage in conversation.

     So, Tango, I will try to be more reliable for you in the future. 

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