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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Pop Culture League Assignment: Shelfie

     Excerpt from "The Terrible Living Shelves of Mr Smith"

First off, let me say how excited I am that

Has become:

     I really missed these challenges, and am glad to see them back. I also missed seeing the fascinating posts every week- 

     But on to the "Living" Shelves
    I consider my shelves to be living, because they get messed with. A lot. Things get moved, reposed, transformed, replaced, added to. Also, because my roommate is a mild-mannered maniac, they occasionally get unusual things added or changed. It is, to me a living work of art, a labor of love and my favorite form of therapy. I have chosen my favorites here

A thrift store find, in it's protective styrofoam

The Parrot statue is an endangered Puerto Rican Amazon- led me to look up info on them
Toads are for luck. 

My Musashi Bamboo Katana, my Cold Steel Katana, and my grandfathers straight razor
My Paul Chen Zatoichi is on the top rack, and another of the same is on the standing rack to the side

the cold steel piece came from a pawn shop- $60
     But you came here for the toys, not the Objet's d'Art- oh the swords are functional, and live. They are the art of pure functionality, innovations in human tools. Grand-dads razor... is probably still shavable, but I don't shave, I just mow. 

Masterpiece Collector Coins and challenge coins

Transformers that kind of don't fit other shelves, but I can't put away
in the back, it looks like Sam put Sumannus in timeout, because he is facing the wall

Classics Shelf Right

Classics Shelf Left

Dinobots Plus, Wheeljack, Arcee, and Wheelie

More Dinobots and Combiners

Masterpiece Right

Masterpiece Left

Movie Optimus Primes...or would that be Optimi Prime?

Hot Wheels and Pop Culture Cars
And of course nothing about me would truly be complete without my best buddies- 

Cappy(on his shelf, microseconds past an amazing threat display at the camera, and I did not have it in video mode)

And Tango, my baby and closest confidant, He is as bad-ass as a bird can get. He is on my toy shelves every time my back is turned, trying to get his talons on that perfect cybertronian weapon that will let him wreck civilization and descend us all into barbarism and the rule of the strongest beak. 

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  1. Awesome post!Truly a variety of goods.

  2. You showed us yours, I'll show you mine.

    A Blue & Gold macaw we named Yoshi. And yes, he also goes for the big guns to try wreak havoc.

  3. Okay, "League Pets" is going to be next week's challenge. ;) Nice collection, Mr. Smith!