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Sunday, September 25, 2016


     Serious subject. Terrible and heartbreaking confession time. I (gasp) open my toys.

     But if you open them, their value is RUINED! RUINED I say!

     So here is the story. I buy my stuff because I want it, because I want to mess with it, because it fills a space in my life and makes me happy. A few toys have broken on  me but no toy has ever actually broken up with me (except for generations Chromia, and we still talk on the phone sometimes.) People leave, Optimus Prime has your back, always.

     Here is the scoop. with a tiny number of exceptions, no toy you buy now is really going to be worth much more than you paid for it, if you leave it in package. The belief in secondary markets of toys making someone rich, changing your life, putting your kids through college is all based upon a small number of "it could happen to you" stories. Original Kenner Star Wars toys in package are rare, because people like me and probably you, loved those toys, ripped them out of their packages with extreme prejudice, and played with them. High prices for packages toys are based upon desirability and rarity. Simply put, if a lot of people like something, and there are not that many out there in good or new condition, they cost more. On the other hand if people like something and there are a lot of them out there, they are not so rare and can be found more easily. The entire collectors market is based upon one principle.

It is worth what someone will pay for it.

     I collected some comics in the 90's, and when I got to the point where I was ready to let those go... they went for about a nickel a book, and I counted myself lucky to get that. Likewise for the Star Wars POTF2 figures that were going to make everyone rich in-package. So these days I know that if I am buying a collectible, it's for my enjoyment, and for pictures here on the blog so you can enjoy it too, I'm not picking it up for resale. 

     I watched a couple of really good videos about the comics market this morning which I will l link here so you can enjoy them too. 

Oh, and the comics that burned me in that crash were Age of Apocalypse X-Men books. Bad memories...


  1. I must admit to only watching the first video,but I liked it.Always wondered what that little Spidey in the corner meant.

    And I open everything.The only reason I may leave an action figure unopened is to save it for later.I'll always get around to opening it,though.The longest I've had an unopened action figure for was probably a month,and that was my super combat movie Captain America figure.I was so giddy about the film and the figures that I just didn't want that magic to go away so soon,so I figured leaving the figure MOC would prolong that.It did,for a little while.Then It was play time!

  2. I waited until just about Halloween to open the zombie cliffjumper from TF Prime- I know what you mean about savoring them and opening at the right time