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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Round Robin Challenge-Curating

     To paraphrase the tagline from Stallone's Cobra, which is apparently about neither the terrorist organization fighting G.I.Joe or keeping your insurance after separating from employment

     "Toys are a Disease. Meet the Curator"

     Are toys my disease? Some days they are the thing that drives me mad, some days they are all that gives my mind ease.

     For my level of nostalgia, I display surprisingly little vintage stuff. I guess I like the Neo-G1 look too much. I love to see the new innovations, so sometimes I have to fight with myself to decide which version or versions of character represent his or her essence best. My biggest challenge is taking anything down, anything at all. Shelf space is always short for this reason, and making the display too cluttered is a constant risk.

     For my display, it's Autobot heavy, with a small shelf of Decepticons, it's also Neo-G1 heavy, with both classics and masterpieces, with a small shelf of Prime and a movie Optimus Shelf. I even have a shelf of transformers that don't fit on any other shelf. Things come in from my storage, things go back to storage, new things come in and older things go to the storage.They get taken down, transformed, loved, reposed...

     And dusted. Oh yes. This Apartment creates dust like Michael Bay creates​ explosions and fanboy wails. So I turn to my friend the cheap paint brush for a dust solution.It is gentle, but will get into areas of heavy detail with ease. Alexis, just for you, I dusted one of my Jin Chan Toads

My Fellow Curators

  • Toy Break is all about the connections to childhood
  • Alexis Universe Keeps shifting them around to make greater and greater sense

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