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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Rogue One: A DVD Media Story

     Let me say to start off with that I loved Rogue One in theater, and was very excited for it to come out on DVD. Let me say also that I think this story is at least as funny as it is frustrating.

A Short Time Ago, at a Walmart Near to my House...

     So Tuesday night, I bought my Rogue One DVD, at Walmart. Wednesday, I went to play it.

A Long Time Ago, in a Galaxy Far, Far Away...went by, kind of fast I thought. it ran through the rest of the sequence pre-title, except Saw Gerrera's speech to Jyn is cut short. And then there is a skip in the title sequence. And another skip. and another.

     Wednesday evening, I take the DVD back to a different Walmart for replacement. Thursday I go to play it. A Long Time Ago, in a Galaxy Far, Far Away...went by, kind of fast and I way. Same Skips, same spots. I call Walmart. I explain the situation, and someone from their electronics dept. tells me I can't even exchange it now. I call back, get the manager who directs me to the electronics dept. manager, and he tells me that I can trade it, approved by him.
     So Thursday evening, I swap my DVD(at Walmart Cust Svc. suggestion) for a Blu ray at no extra charge. Walmart went above and beyond on this, and I do not fault them at all. This was a ridiculous situation, made farcical by the second replacement. This is also my first ever Blu ray Disc.

     I try it in my Blu ray drive on my PC, it works, but VLC player doesn't play it. I find and try "Leawo player" and it starts playing beautifully...until it skips later into the movie than I had previously gotten...

    Sunday, I put in the code for the digital copy, and watched that. No Skips.

     So today, I am wondering if I am the only one to experience this, or if others can tell a similar tale of mishap. I google-searched, facebook searched, and I appear to be the single purchaser of multiple bad copies, tested in multiple DVD players. Also- when my niece borrows it, we will see if it just hates my players, or if it's bad. Or maybe it just hates my family...


  1. Bought it on bluray played it on a ps4 with no issues.

  2. The only things rogue and from a galaxy far far away might be your DVD players ;) Time to upgrade!

  3. As you may have read, I have quite a few copies of the movie. Long story short, no issue with any of them so far.

  4. I should have noted that I tried this in two DVD drives and one Blu Ray drive on my PC- that is where I do my movie-watching

  5. Just Googled this as my copy is skipping as well, and it sounds like it's in exactly the same places.

  6. huh! on a PC or DVD player? and bought at Walmart or...?

  7. I had a similar problem with a Rogue One DVD that I purchased on ebay recently.

    The DVD skipped frequently when playing on a Windows 7 desktop PC plus on a Windows 10 laptop, both of which I tried with Windows Media Player and VLC.

    However, it played smoothly without any errors on an old 2008 3.1 Mac Pro.