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Saturday, April 1, 2017

the Festival of Phlockenschifften

     The Time has come at my place to celebrate PhlockenSchifften.

     What is Phlockenschifften? Essentially, it's a word I made up that refers to the old German tradition of moving parrots around, which I also made up.

     We are changing the arrangement of cages so that I have the Lovebirds in my room, leaving Sam with Sid(Cockatoo) Ickabob(Green-Cheeked Conure) and Apollo(Jardines Parrot AKA Green Recluse Parrot*) Tango and Cappy of course stay where they are, and Wallace is still by my desk.

     Just over a week ago, I adopted a lovebird who had part of one wing amputated due to a tumor and needed a good home. We call him Little Star. It was immediately apparent, or nearly so, that he could detect the presence of other lovebirds and wanted to be near them, so we bit the bullet. We moved Ruby and Ginko in with me. We are hoping that:

  1. His time socializing with other lovebirds will be good for him
  2. Apollo's behavior to me involves familiarity breeding contempt
  3. absence and distance will make Apollo fonder toward me. 
Time will tell. at the least, Sam feeding Apollo should get me bit far less. So far, Ginko is very interested in the new lovebird. Ruby...she's a little more reticent. 


*The Nickname Green Recluse Parrot was Coined also by me after he took a quarter-inch wide and deep chunk out of my arm because he thought it was funny. The Bird is a tool- I love him, but am leery of him. 


  1. Probably not the best or most appropriate place to put this, but wanted to point you to The Toy Box ( for next week's Round Robin Challenge. It goes live at 8:00 AM EST on March 10, 2017! I hope to see a link from you in the comment section of the challenge with your post!

    1. That's fine- Wallace is writing this one for me