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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Toysday: Triple Threat

     Back in the 80's I had all three Decepticon triple changers. As I think I have mentioned before, Blitzwing was in the wrong box at the wrong time and did not make the trip to this part of my life. I still have my G1 Astrotrain and my G1 Octane. But Blitzwing was a special character to me, for this reason- At the end of "Five Faces of Darkness" Blitzwing stepped up, stood up to Galvatron, and stopped the fighting when there was no longer a point to it- He also sided with the autobots to stop a greater foe, and that makes him kind of noble in my eyes.

     Anyway- enough of my reminiscence- thanks to the Titans Return line, I finally got my neo G1 triple-changers


This is Toyworld's Evila Star, which is pronounced 
Plasticmigraine in English- he looks really G1, unlike his 
Titans Return counterpart. I couldn't make myself see that one as Astrotrain. 
This one is just such a mess though. He spends most of his time in robot mode


Octane managed to stay nice and close to his G1 modes 
and I was really happy to see him. As is often the case with a triple changer, 
one mode looks like Ass, and in Octanes case it is the jet that has random truck parts hanging off the sides. I don't care, I am happy for what he is. 


I love this one- Broad shouldered, blocky and looks good in all three modes- 
This mold was initially used to make a voyager Megatron, but I think it works even better here. 

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