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Monday, August 7, 2017

Monday Movie Musings: There and Back Again

     I found myself immersed in the Hobbit this week when other things were not in ascendance. There are a lot of things to appreciate about those three films. There is a lot of humor in the subtle stuff and the overt stuff that the dwarves are involved in. The scene with the trolls, where Bilbo is stalling for time by spinning a yard about the dwarves being full of parasites, while the dwarves, full of pride and stubbornness are yelling back "We don't have parasites! YOU HAVE PARASITES!" ...It's Thorin's sigh and eyeroll that gets me. it's the look of a man who says I love these people, they are my family, but sometimes...

     The appearance in the third fil of Dain Ironfoot, played by Billy Connolly was especially nice- I love Billy Connolly in anything he does- see my post about Fido, here

his initial speech had me rolling:

Dain: Good morning. How are we all? I have a wee proposition, if you don't mind giving me a few moments of your time. Would you consider... JUST SODDING OFF! All ye, right now! 
Bard: Stand fast! 
Gandalf: Come now, Lord Dain. 
Dain: Gandalf the Grey. Tell this rabble to leave or I'll water the ground with their blood. 
Gandalf: There is no need for war between Dwarves, Men, and Elves. A legion of Orcs march on the mountain. Stand your army down. 
Dain: I will not stand down before any elf! Not least this faithless Woodland sprite! He wishes nothing but ill upon my people! If he chooses to stand between me and my kin, I'll split his pretty head open! See if he's still smirking then! 
Thranduil: He's clearly mad like his cousin. 
Dain: Ya hear that, lads? We're on! Let's give these bastards a good hammering! 

     Plus, add to that the varied and innovative elements of the dwarven war machine, and you have what should be a victory for the elves looking suddenly far less certain. The arrow catchers were incredible. And when the orcs arrive and the elves and dwarves join forces against the common foe...if you can ever say battle is beautiful, this battle is just that. 

     I know there are a lot of complaints from Tolkien purists that a lot got added that was not in the book...and they are right. But in my opinion, none of it is too out of place- all of the casting is superb, and not much I would change- Tolkien's books are a bit dry for my taste, and don't lend themselves to my casual reading. The movies are a bit more my speed

     I say this- if you go to watch the three movies that comprise the Hobbit and the three of the Lord of the Rings...invest the time to watch the wealth of cinematic gold that is the extended editions. I think you will be happy you did. Also...I challenge you to watch them in real time. that way once you watch the Hobbit trilogy, you only have to wait 60 years until you can pop in Fellowship...

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