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Sunday, October 5, 2014

75% Retirement

     Friday evening I planned to take a drive and ended up fighting a flat tire off and putting on a donut spare instead. Back in 2009 I bought 4 new tires for my Honda, not the used tires I had run other cars off of

     Real new tires, like an adult

     But time passed- and the tread, well it just got thinner. In 2012, I had a blowout on the highway and had to do a warranty replacement one of the rear tires, as well as replacing a lug bolt that got broken due to being overtightened by the last place that rotated my tires. Flash foward over many miles of road to oct 2014, when I am staring at a flat on the front, and pricking my fingers on steel belts sticking out of the tire as I try to remove it

     I let the tires get bad- it's safe to say that I know my car is not really composed of Self-Regenerating Molecular Armor so parts are gonna wear out in 5 years. And the plan was always to get tires before winter. Just didn't wanna do it this weekend

     It's been an odd week; full of ups and downs, and things that could have been terrible that turned out merely bad, and survivable. On sept 24th, I got a call from my bank asking me about some charges with my debit card that were not mine- they hit me for a substantial amount,(> $400) rent was in doubt for a bit, but the bank fixed things up in short order. So rent got paid, and I thought: "Tires next payday!"

     My Civic thought "No, lets do this friday night, so you can spend a chunk of Saturday morning finding a tire shop that will give you a straight answer on the phone" I was  not going to travel tire shop to tire shop on a temporary spare.

     So Saturday morning was a trip to Discount Tires, for three new pieces of rubber. I'm happy and upseet about the purchase. As anyone who ever bought them will tell you, tires cost $$$. even used ones are pricey. But my little Honda rides like a dream now, ,and handles beautifully. I'm looking forward to going back for tire #4

Retirement ain't so bad
interesting fun fact: if you put on only partial new tires, they will put them on the back, even on a front wheel drive car. this seems couterintuitive, but apparently it's all about hydroplaning. I know this to be true, beacuse they had a diagram in the shop where what appeared to be a ghost with thyroid issues illustrated the point. Also according to the diagram, new tires are supposed to be blue, old ones are gray. I may have been ripped off, because my new ones are black

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